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The Best Payment Providers For Your New Website

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What Options Do You Have?

When it comes to your new e-commerce company, there are literally hundreds of payment providers you could use. Each have individual strengths and weaknesses, and are best suited for entirely different kinds of businesses. 


As a company that offers a range of website design services, we have an intimate knowledge of more than a few of these payment providers. So, which ones do we think are best, and which should be left out of your new website build? 


As far as payment processing companies go, Stripe definitely falls into the category of providing excellent value for money. Running on a pay-as-you-go pricing system, it is perfect for start-ups that aren’t looking to spend hundreds for a payment system they can trust.


At its lowest rates, Stripe asks for less than 2% of its user’s income and offers its clients 24/7 support. With this, it might just be what you need to start trading online without having to break the bank.


Its pricing options don’t just stop there. With an added feature of customising payment plans, Stripe is quickly becoming a favourite of businesses in almost every sector you could think of.


Worldpay is one of the most well-known payment providers out there. Running the payments systems for some of the biggest company’s in the world, this business is certainly well-practiced.


This platform comes with a warning, though. It is not best placed in a world of small start-up businesses looking to kick off their campaigns online. Worldpay requires a minimum income input, making its overall pricing a lot more than some other smaller providers. 


When it comes to deciding if this platform is right for you, the amount of revenue you expect to bring in must be considered; Worldpay doesn’t ask for a percentage of the income you have coming in, it requires a more fixed amount.


Paypal is another payment provider that is well known across the world, whether you run a small business or a large one. Its ease and speed cannot be understated, but neither can the security issues it has battled with in the past few years. 


While it does have positive attributes too, it is hard to get past these security breaches. This is a payment provider you should be wary of before moving forward.

Web Design At Lowaire

At Lowaire, we have almost a decade of experience in website design and digital marketing. We know exactly what makes a website work, and what doesn’t. The payment providers we recommend are just one of the many choices you can make when creating your new website.


Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help bring your company online with a new or revamped website. Or take a look at the web design packages we offer.


If you have any questions about our Website Design services, get in contact with our team today or call us directly on 01509 357587.


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