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We dedicate ourselves to helping you develop expertly created e-commerce websites. Our team can help you cement your place online with a successful, optimised Magento website created to meet every need your business has.


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Magento is one of the leading services when it comes to e-commerce, but that doesn’t mean it’s a free-pass to a successful site. But with our help, it will be.


With an in-depth knowledge of Magento 1.9 and 2.0, our designers can fully optimise and integrate a number of essential tools for Magento success, including ensuring the current SEO requirements are met; and beaten. Without knowledge of PHP, Magento can be an overwhelming interface – but that’s why we’re here to help.


Our team offers fully customisable web development. Whether you’re looking for innovation, optimisation or technical maintenance, we’re ready to help.

Why use Magento?

It’s used by thousands of retailers online, and offers a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to your business. It’s estimated that around 20% of all eCommerce sites use it. That’s because Magento offers powerful tools for SEO, customisable shopping cart integrations and options for a fully managed catalog of products and services. It also offers a range of security features to help stronghold your online store.

Magento have now released their 2.0 version, an updated operating system that can give your e-commerce business the fully integrated website it needs. Offering content and promotion creation at the click of a button, it can provide your business with everything it needs.

Is Magento better than WooCommerce?

It’s really down to personal preference. Both offer amazing tools for eCommerce, but WooCommerce does offer the benefit of a larger user base and market share. WooCommerce works great with integration into a WordPress website, however Magento can operate more effectively as a standalone.


If you’re looking for a website with everything you need to help you develop your customer base and overall business model, Magento is a perfect choice.

Why choose Lowaire to manage my Magento?

With an in-depth knowledge of PHP, Magento 1 & 2, our team of designers can turn your vision for your eCommerce service into a reality. Whether you’re looking to migrate your site, improve on your existing systems or develop your design, Lowaire is the right choice.

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