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Virtual Nurse App

A voice-based healthcare app built for Alexa & Google Assistant enabled devices which provides information about Medications, Illnesses and First Aid.

Virtual nurse alexa app on mobile

OK Google, ask Virtual Nurse about CPR for a child Anxiety attacks Flu symptoms Depression Insomnia Paracetamol Treating burns

Virtual Nurse Features...

600 illnesses

Currently, Virtual Nurse is able to answer over 600 questions related to medication and illness: and its knowledge is still growing.

100 First-aid subjects

Over 100 First-Aid features are available on Virtual Nurse, with instructions on how to deal with simple nosebleeds, to strokes, seizures and heart attakcs.


Virtual Nurse can respond to either text or voice, and uses its AI to provide you with relevant and educational information.

200 medications

Around 200 medications are now listed on Virtual Nurse, from Paracetamol and Ibuprofen to Morphine.


From Facebook Messenger and Skype to Google Home and Amazon Alexa, you have a wide range of options when it comes to installing Virtual Nurse.

Free to download

And, it's free! With no hidden costs or purchases, Virtual Nurse gives you worry-free access to healthcare for you and your loved ones whenever you need it.

virtual nurse review
virtual nurse review 2

"Google Assistant is integrated with a number of useful online services. One of them is a Virtual Nurse who will answer any of your medical questions. So, just say, “OK Google, ask virtual nurse how to cure a migraine.”"


Virtual Nurse is a non-profit heatlhcare app developed by Lowaire

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