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Why we love Slack and why we think you will

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Collaboration & Consolidation

Useful tools, social networking and emails have exploded in recent years and it’s easy to find yourself weighed down by the everyday rigamarole of logging into multiple account in multiple locations. If you’re anything like most businesses these days, then you are probably juggling between multiple web applications, email accounts, social networks which can be a little painful.

Try Slack

Slack is probably one of the best collaboration tools on the market at the moment and it has been designed to basically declutter your life by integrating all of your accounts into a single easy to access hub. This is done by integration with multiple web applications i.e. Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Enquiries, News Articles and much more.

Easier Communication

Not only is Slack a brilliant one stop hub for consolidating all of those accounts you hate continually logging into so much. It’s also perfect for communicating with your team across multiple projects and departments, through Slacks easy to use discussion tools and features.

slack discussion image

Great Animations

They brighten up our day and help us communicate with each other on a somewhat personal level. We all love animations and emojis and especially in the workplace. Slack let’s you use animations and emojis within your team channels and discussions, giving you the freedom to express yourself to your team.

After all, who wouldn’t want to see a cat animation on a Monday morning!

cat animation stoking another cat


Useful Slack Bots

Another great feature to take advantage of is the ability to recognise and praise your team through the GrowBot integration which highlights any team member you send a /kudos command to. Great for motivating staff when they close deals or hit targets.

slack kudos bot screenshot


BirthdayBot integration is a simple yet useful bots which reminds everyone within your team of birthdays.

birthday bots for slack


Another very useful integrations which is completely free and great for adding reminders and tasks to your to do list. As well as reminding yourself and your team of any upcoming deadlines or business events.

todobot screenshot for slack

 Try out Slack today!

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