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Waze – Realtime Navigation & Reporting Which We Love & You Should

Man driving car navigation

Waze has been around for some time now but we’re not really sure everyone understands the power of this handy little app. Waze Mobile was founded in Israel and eventually acquired by Google in 2013.

Waze won the Best Overall Mobile App award at the 2013 Mobile World Congress, beating Dropbox, Flipboard and many other major players.

So what’s so great about this app, why is this app better than Google Maps, Apple Maps & Your GPS sat nav combined. Well for starters, Waze shares realtime traffic information between users which then allows your route to be changed in real-time based on the current traffic conditions around you.

wave app image

In addition to this, Waze saves you lots of money in speeding tickets. By allowing drivers ahead of you to report incidents, hazards, floods, speed cameras and even police patrols. The app then notifies other drivers on the same route as you of the impending hazard, camera or police officer.

Even if you know when you are going, it’s always worth keeping Waze running in the background to alert you of these types of hazards. At the moment over 50 million people worldwide are currently using this app making their travels much safer.

With more users and more reports, comes better and more accurate navigation capabilities therefore if you don’t already have the app on your iOS or Android device. We would highly recommend that you download Waze today to try it yourself.


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