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Yes, Android Users Can Now Search Google While Offline

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Android users in elevators, music studios, or any area with a poor internet connection will no longer have to worry when browsing on Google, with the search engine giant set to release an offline feature to the Google Search application.


However, access to the results will be delayed, kompas reported. Once the user is connected to the internet, Google will show a notification that the search results from the word/(s) entered in the search engine box are available. Clicking the notification will automatically take the user to the Google app.


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“The Google app will work behind the scenes to detect when a connection is available again and deliver your search results once completed,” Google stated on its blog on Wednesday.


The tech giant has already released offline modes for its other services, such as Google Maps and Google Translate, though they are not entirely similar as users have to download information on location and translation prior to going offline. Therefore, when the internet connection becomes inconsistent or is turned off, users can access information that was previously downloaded.


To enable the service, users have to be running the latest version of the Google app.


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