Technical SEO

Gone are the days where technical SEO was a secondary thought. Having a well optimised website which performs well and works both for search engines but more importantly visitors, is paramount for any brand looking to gain an advantage over the competition.

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Organic SEO Presentation

There’s more to SEO than just writing great content.

It’s no secret that the copy and content on your website is a major factor when it comes to Google rankings. But, if the site isn’t optimised well enough, you may be turning away potential customers before they’ve even had a chance to read it.


Technical SEO revolves around ensuring all of the cogs and wheels of the website keep turning, whilst also discovering ways in which the user experience of the site can be improved. Whether that’s quicker loading times, better site-mapping and improved conversion funnels across the website, there are many ways technical SEO can help make your website the best it can be.


After all, your website should be the cornerstone of your business’ online presence – so ensuring it’s as user friendly, efficient and well-designed as possible is the key to keeping clients engaged – and of course, Google interested in indexing it.

Technical SEO Solutions

We generate high-authority links to your website and pages which increases both domain and page authority across your website and content. 

We’ve carried out countless website migrations for client’s over the years, from WordPress & Magento, right through to custom built systems.

Performance is everything in the world of SEO. We can ensure your site performs well across multiple devices and browsers to give you the advantage over your competitors.

Having a penalty hanging over your site can significantly impact your visibility. Our penalty recovery service aims to get your site back on track through ethical optimisation.

We craft search-worthy content and articles which doesn’t just resonate with your audience but also with major search engines such as Google & Bing.

We know a thing or two when it comes to SEO. Our team provide expert training to up-skill your internal marketing teams through virtual & classroom based learning.

technical SEO Auditing

When starting your SEO campaign content might be at the top of your mind, however, having a solid foundation in regard to your site technical performance should a priority. 


At Lowaire Digital we deliver various technical SEO audits for clients from one-off SEO audits through to ongoing technical auditing and everything in-between for both new website builds and sites already live so regardless of the stage of your project, we can help.


To find out more about our SEO auditing solutions, feel free to get in contact with a member of our team today to discuss your overall project requirements. 

google partners

All our team members at Lowaire Digital have obtained at least three individual Google marketing certifications and we are also an approved Google Partner.

This is an accreditation which Google offers to digital marketing agencies who have shown a proficiency in Google Ads through performance, spend and overall industry experience.


As a leading marketing agency our team utilise industry leading paid marketing tools to ensure that your paid marketing campaigns are continually exceeding goals and expected ROI.


For SEO, this knowledge translates into effective keyword research, with your goals, strategies and business vision in mind – allowing our team to collaborate effectively when it comes to managing your overall Digital Marketing strategy, not just SEO.

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