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Our Team

We’re a small yet rapidly growing team of website designers and marketing consultants based in Leicestershire, United Kingdom. We have a strong focus on building and optimising conversions alongside developing perfectly crafted online experiences for our clients and partners.

Meet Our Team Members

Meet some of the talented team members behind our website design and digital marketing projects


Adam Coley

Managing Director

As the Director and Founder of Lowaire, Adam’s the one keeping all the cogs and wheels turning at little old Lowaire – which really isn’t that little anymore!

As much as he loves getting involved with clients’ campaigns and making sure projects are running like clockwork, he also can’t help himself but pick up a nice new shiny ornament for the office. Seriously, we have more knick-knacks, plants and trinkets than a car boot sale at the Antiques Roadshow.

With a unique mix of digital and strategic marketing experience, Adam holds a Level 6 Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing as well holding Associate (ACIM) status with the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

David Russell

Senior Consultant

Often referred to as the shining jewel of Lowaire, David is quite possibly the most reliable person you can ever meet.


Solving website design, automation and process related issues like they were going out of style, David is a true web-developing wizard with a knack for creating some of the most beautiful spreadsheets you’ve ever seen. 


Honestly, ask him to put one together for you and watch the magic fly.

Zoe Augustin

Digital Marketing Consultant​

Keen to help colleagues and clients wherever possible, Zoe is the latest team member to join our growing team at Lowaire.

With a strong work ethic and bags of creativity to go with it, Zoe enjoys sketching and art in her free time alongside driving back to Norfolk to visit her family and friends.


When we asked Zoe to bring something to work that she loved, she brought in some crystals and a sage incense stick, so we can only assume she’s also a very spiritual person!

Charlie Hubbert

Digital Marketing Consultant​

Charlie is the latest member of our growing team at Lowaire.

As our newest team member, Charlie is assisting the team in all aspects of the business from SEO to website design to social media.

In his spare time, Charlie enjoys watching mixed martial arts and also practices it in his spare time. He also loves travelling back and forth near Peterborough to visit family and friends.

David Taylor


Probably the coolest cat in the Lowaire Digital repertoire, David Taylor works with our larger clients and assists with the overall development of Lowaire.


Alongside taking his canine friend (and Dotty’s apparent arch-nemesis) Tracy for long, peaceful walks away from the noise of the office.


David also spends his free time managing a fairly well-known band, touring Europe (when we’re not in a worldwide lockdown, of course) arranging festivals and setting up gigs.


Do you really get cooler than that?


Relationship Manager

Every office needs a furry mascot, and Dotty is more than happy to oblige, if it means access to the treat cupboard.


Always ready to greet new clients with a slobbery kiss (with a bit of tongue), Dotty often misunderstands the need for personal space at Lowaire.


Ah well, she’s cute. TELL HER SHE’S CUTE.

Our Company Culture

Web Design and Marketing
Our company mission at Lowaire Digital has and always will be to provide a high quality and transparent service to our clients, whilst retaining our companies core values.
Through providing not only cost effective solutions but solutions which are delivered on time and on budget. Our experienced team at Lowaire Digital offer a unique mix of expertise in Website Design, Paid Media Management, Organic SEO and Social Media Marketing, which makes us the obvious choice when selecting a full-service digital agency to work with.