We’re a small yet rapidly growing team of website designers and marketing consultants based in Leicestershire, United Kingdom. We have a strong focus on building and optimising conversions alongside building perfectly crafted online experiences for our clients and partners.

Meet Our Team Members

We’re a small yet rapidly growing team of website designers and marketing consultants based in Leicestershire, United Kingdom. We have a strong focus on building and optimising conversions alongside building perfectly crafted website experiences for our clients.

Cherie Elton

Consultant & Strategist

If ‘screaming loudly when anything that remotely resembles a wasp or fly enters the room’ was a competition, Cherie would be winning with flying colours.

Luckily for us, she’s pretty much a pro when it comes to client communications and social media management – so we’ll let her off! Instead, we just keep her distracted with cute pictures of dogs, or maybe suggest a round of karaoke. “No, Cherie – there’s no fly in here. Lewis Capaldi anyone?”

As a social media expert and avid spreadsheet warrior, Cherie helps our clients create long-term social media marketing strategies, which unify business goals and objectives within the world of social.

Adam Coley

Managing Director

Have you ever met someone who gets up consistently at 5:00am, whilst running entirely on caffeine? Allow us to introduce our resident Coffee Connoisseur (and Managing Director – but that’s not quite as fun) Adam.

Keeping everything running, well-oiled, and in-check whilst simultaneously designing 4 websites in tandem apparently requires around 23 Red Bulls and 12.56 coffees a day. Who knew? Adam certainly does, and we can quite comfortably say that Red Bull doesn’t give you wings.

As the resident Fire Warden, First Aider, soon-to-be Pilot (Yes, he’s working on his PPL) and CIM level 6 Professional Marketer, he is potentially the only person with more jobs to complete than his Amazon delivery driver. How many packages are we expecting today, Adam?

James Makin

SEO & Content Specialist

With a habit for irritatingly correcting your grammar with an infuriating air of smugness (Please tell me I used the right “there”), James often takes his responsibilities as a content specialist a little too far.


At least it keeps him distracted from spending hours and hours hunting monsters, vampires, dragons and every mythological beast in-between – which I guess probably would sound kind of cool, if it wasn’t in his mum’s basement.


Dungeons & Dragons isn’t real, James. Get a job.

Ellie Rose

Digital Marketing Consultant

On top of expertly managing both studies and work in a Clark-Kentian double-life, self-titled ‘office comedian’ Ellie is the fiery young gun who makes sure there’s never a quiet moment in the office.

She’s also one of the most inquisitive people we’ve ever met, and the only person we know who asks more questions than a McDonald’s employee working a 12 hour shift – well, when she isn’t regaling the office with tales of her weekend.

A true storyteller with a heart of gold, Ellie’s also – if you didn’t know – a qualified First Aider. Not that she’d ever let us forget.

David Russell

Lead Consultant

The wise one is a man of few words. Working to the powerful ethos that actions speak louder than chit-chat, Is David a Robot? We’re not sure, but he’s brilliant at what he does!

As a partner of Lowaire Digital, David holds down the fort as Adam’s trusty second-in-command. A stalwart defender of actually getting work done on time, David is the man you want on your side when it comes to the crunch and meeting deadlines.

Calm, collected, and a dab hand at Team Fortress 2.

Hannah Brumby

Digital Marketing Consultant

Hannah’s so organised, that when asked for a quick bullet-point list of facts about herself so we could write this bio, she nearly sent over a whole essay complete with annotated notes and spreadsheet integration.

Which is lucky, considering Hannah apparently lives about 5 different lives. Hannah enjoys caravanning, nature walks, volunteering for charities and travelling, all whilst undertaking a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship at Lowaire Digital. Oh, and she also works as a Carer in her spare time, too.

To be honest, Hannah can’t really put a foot wrong. Well, apart from the fact she hates pizza. I mean… really?

Alex Keene

Digital Marketing Consultant​

What do you get when you cross a Digital Marketing apprentice, energy drink enthusiast and a beautifully parked car? Two thirds of an Alex Keene. But what Alex might lack in car parking skills, she more than makes up for when it comes to writing quality content.

With a ‘Keene’ eye for detail (sorry Alex) for all things grammar, thanks to a background in Journalism at Lincoln Uni, Alex spends her free time blogging about tunes and live shows, which comes in handy when it comes to bolstering our client’s social media channels.

Also to her credit, she’s almost always the last one to leave the office at the end of the day… Although that might only be because she’s scared she might scratch the director’s car.

Bryon Kerry

Digital Marketing Consultant

Working as David’s trusty lieutenant when it comes to Web Design and Development, Byron is possibly the last person you’d expect to be a coding whizz – if only for the fact he actually enjoys going outside. James… take notes.

Preferring the great outdoors and exploring old and abandoned buildings in his free time like a modern, cooler and slightly more down-to-earth Indiana Jones, Byron seems to enjoy all of the things a Website Designer is supposed to hate. Where’s all the Mountain Dew and Doritos?

Not only that, but he also plays drums. Which is great – when he isn’t using his desk as a substitute drum kit.

David Taylor

Financial Director​

Probably the coolest cat in the Lowaire Digital repertoire, David Taylor works with our larger clients and assists with the overall development of Lowaire.

Alongside taking his canine friend (and Dotty’s apparent arch-nemesis) Tracy for long, peaceful walks away from the noise of the office, David also spends his free time touring Europe (when we’re not in a worldwide lockdown) arranging festivals and setting up gigs.

Oh, and did you know he also manages a fairly well known band? He’s never invited us to a show though, so we’re not quite sure we believe him.


Relationship Manager

Every office needs a furry mascot, and Dotty is more than happy to oblige, if it means access to the treat cupboard.

Always ready to greet new clients with a slobbery kiss (with a bit of tongue), Dotty often misunderstands the need for personal space at Lowaire.

Ah well, she’s cute. TELL HER SHE’S CUTE.

Our Company Culture

Our company mission at Lowaire Digital has and always will be to provide a high quality and transparent service to our clients, whilst retaining our companies core values.
Through providing not only cost effective solutions but solutions which are delivered on time and on budget. Our experienced team at Lowaire Digital offer a unique mix of expertise in Website Design, Paid Media Management, Organic SEO and Social Media Marketing, which makes us the obvious choice when selecting a full-service digital agency to work with.