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The next generation of pirates are targeting shipping companies…

…but not in the way you would expect. Gone are the days where pirates need to actually board a vessel to steal or demand a ransom. They are now turning to hacking shipping companies computer systems in order to install malicious software. When security company CyberKeel analyzed a medium-sized shipping companies emails, they made a shocking discovery. They found that […]

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WannaCry Ransomware Hits Hospitals & Airports

WannaCry is the ransomware which has quickly spread across NHS workers computer systems. This happened Friday afternoon into Friday evening. With NHS workers unable to access computer systems and patient records, many have had to divert patients to other hospitals. NHS Digital have said: “it doesn’t appear that the attack has compromised any patient data” however with wide spread system […]

SEO Spam – One Of The Main Reasons Websites Are Hacked

Google posted on their webmaster channel on Google+ that one of the primary reasons a website is hacked these days is because of SEO. Google wrote, “Search Engine Optimization ‘SEO’ spam is one of the primary reasons that vulnerable websites are targeted by hackers.” I assume this is not just about redirecting unsuspecting users, but also link injection, content injection […]