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Virtual Nurse – One of the top 5 most enabled Healthcare skills on Alexa

The beginning Having the knowledge of CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) does have the potential to save somebody’s life in an emergency. However, many people are unaware or simply forget how to provide CPR, when it’s needed most. Our Virtual Nurse Healthcare skill which was developed by Adam Coley in January 2017, shortly after the release of Amazon’s AI device, Amazon Echo. […]

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The New Amazon Dash Wand designed to make you buy everything

Amazon wants its Prime members ordering from its online store all the time, so it just cooked up a new device to help them do exactly just that — and Amazon is essentially giving it away for free. Amazon just launched a new Dash Wand gadget, that lets you fill up your Amazon shopping cart by using voice commands or scanning […]

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Amazon sets to replace your landline phone

Amazon’s Echo devices can already control the lights in your house, make you a coffee when you wake up in the morning and deliver things straight to your door, all through a simple voice command. In an announcement last week, Amazon has unveiled a feature made to compete against services such as Skype and even your landline telephone, as users of […]

The Virtual Nurse skill for Amazon Echo which might just save your life

After many months of ongoing development and testing, Our mobile app development team here at Lowaire Digital based in Leicestershire, have officially submitted our first skill for Amazon Echo. The voice app gives the voice-powered home appliance a new “skill”, it will allow the device to give life saving CPR advice to the end user. With Virtual Nurse it’s just the first step in a plan to […]

Check out Amazon’s plans for drone-distributing airborne warehouses

Earlier this month, Amazon celebrated the first successful drone delivery made by its Prime Air service.But that’s just the beginning of Amazon’s aerial assault into our homes, if a recently unearthed patent filing is to be believed. A possible endgame for the drone delivery agenda: The use of roving “airborne fulfillment centers” (AFCs) to make Prime deliveries.That’s right. Giant, possibly autonomous motherships full of your favorite […]