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Social Responsibility

At Lowaire we take our social responsibility seriously and we firmly believe we we can make a difference as a force for good to the local community we operate within.

A Force For Good

Green Leaf

With dedicated and hard-working professionals at Lowaire, we are committed as a team and as a business to use our influence as a force for good.

Lowaire is committed heavily to the local community it serves and operates within. As a sustainable business based in Shepshed, Leicestershire, we hold ourselves accountable for the impact we make on the local community and wider society as a whole.

The Bigger Picture

The truth is, we never thought we would have money to be able to give some away to charities and in some respect, we still don’t. But we feel it’s our responsibility as a business and individuals to contribute to the bigger picture because after all, we all love and live on this single marble, we call earth.


As a business, we actively participate within the local community whilst also contributing to and supporting projects and digital marketing campaigns which make a difference to people’s everyday lives.

Charities We Work With

Sian Green
Leicester Street Pastors
Bodie Hodges
SEO Training Courses

In addition to our commitment to UK-based charities and non-profit organisations, we are also aware of the carbon footprint our business has on the environment, and how that impacts the local community and wider environment.

This is why we have published a 3-year plan in relation to the environment and sustainability to ensure we are transparent in our approach as a business. If we play our part, we can make a real difference to people, the environment and the community we serve.