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The Top 5 Social Media Tools 2021

The Top 5 Social Media Tools 2021

social media in 2021

Social Media Marketing is becoming more popular and demanding than ever, so how do you stay on top of it all? From Creating and Posting to Analytics and Reporting it can be hard to keep on top of all social platforms at all times.


That’s why we are very thankful for social media tools, to assist and optimise our daily tasks. Whether that is, posting at the correct time of day to improve reach or optimising photos for each social media platform.


There are tools for everything but which are the best. With so many tools out there, how do you choose? Well here are my Top 5 Social Media Management Tools.

1. loomly

So Loomly is a calendar-based, content creating, and image sizing tool. Which is simple and efficient.


Loomly has broken down, how to create a whole social post, into just 5 simple steps.


Main features are, an ‘on the radar’ tab which shows the posts going out today, and a ‘post ideas’ tab along with the relevant hashtags.


A great Loomly feature is that it has a direct connection to Giphy and Unsplash so you can source free images directly in Loomly.


Loomly allows you to create and schedule content for 9 social media platforms! A custom channel can also be created if needed. Photos can be optimised to fit each social network’s preferences within Loomly, so it’s simple and efficient. 


Pricing starts at $300 a year or $34 a month.

Loomly Logo

2. canva

This is a Graphic Design Platform that is very beginner-friendly.


You can create social media graphics, presentations, videos, and many other visual marketing content. The platform offers over 50,000 templates to use for easy content creation.


One of Canva’s Values is to ‘make complex things simple’ and they do just that! Add your logo or any image to any template design with its simple drag and drop interface.


Canva basically allows you to be a graphic designer without having that much knowledge. With its extensive suite of features from cropping and colour options, to adding a textured background to create dimension.


Pricing starts at FREE but a PRO version is available. 

Canva Logo

3. slack

Now Slack isn’t necessarily seen as a Social Media Tool but more of a communication tool, however, it does have some great features to help with your social media management…


Slack has this great feature where you can create a whole channel dedicated to monitoring your competitors. It allowed you to pull in competitor’s posts directly into Slack as they are published, it also alerts you as it’s pulled in.


Slack allows for the easy sharing of text, images, and files pulled from the web, your computer, or cloud platforms like Dropbox or Google Drive. It is also built to sync with the apps that your company uses every day, like Google Calendar. 


Your administrator can install apps in Slack. Which let you use them without ever leaving the chat you’re in. Dozens of popular platforms, as well as native productivity and collaboration apps, can be synced up to slack.


You can also search through all of your channels to find a certain message just by searching for a keyword in the search bar, so no more losing things in email!


Pricing starts at £5.25 per person per month

Slack Logo

4. biteable

It Reduces the intimidation factor of video and animation production.


The platform contains footage, animations, and lots of templates to use to create a video in the simplest way possible. So it’s great for beginners.


Biteable has empowered millions of people to make studio-quality videos without experience. Videos can be used for everything, from growing brands to keeping teams in the loop.


However, it only has very limited editing features so if you are looking for something more professional this may not be right for you.


Price starts at FREE but a PRO version is avaible

Biteable Logo

5. you

While social media tools are great they will never compare to you!


At the end of the day, you’re human and know how others will react to what you create, with more experience and more knowledge you will be better than any tool.


You may not be as fast as a computer but you are a lot more accurate so just because I have mentioned these tools doesn’t mean they will be the right fit for you and your business.


So test all the free trials and make an informed decision.

Pointing at you

most important

Social Media is always changing and it’s very important to keep up with the latest trends.


Trying to test every social media tool available in 2021 will be a huge task. So it’s best to keep in mind a few features that are essential when making this decision for you and your business. These features would include things like analytics capabilities, platform integrations and simplicity. You also need to keep in mind your budget as there are various price points within the market.


However, the most important point is, that you choose a tool that will assist and benefit your team, improve productivity and unify your social media management system. 


If you need any assistance with your Social Media Management our experienced team at Lowaire would be more than happy to put together a comprehensive proposal based on your overall expectations and goals. Feel free to Get in touch today or contact us directly on 01509 357587.


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