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How Can I Increase Engagement On Social Media?

According to ‘Smart Insights’, (as of July 2020), more than half of the world’s population now use Social Media, and 4.7 billion people use the internet, of which, 346 million new users have come online within the last 12 months!

So, with that being said, and the daily world of each social platform changing to fit around new trends, technology, innovation and user friendliness, it can be hard to keep up with new algorithms and features, particularly for small businesses!

Whether you’re a Social Media Guru, or if you prefer to leave it in someone else’s hands, we’ve put together a few tips on Social Media Engagement Hacks to increase engagement across your chosen Social Networks.

Our Top Tips For Engaging Users On Your Network

  • Like your own posts – it sounds silly, right? Whilst this doesn’t necessarily work for other networks, LinkedIn can’t tell that you are liking your own posts, so by doing this, the algorithm believes that your post is popular and boosts your overall visibility and engagement. It’s best to do this as soon as possible, ideally within the first two hours of posting. (If you’re using a post scheduling platform, maybe set yourself a reminder?)
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  • Respond to all comments on any of your posts if you haven’t already, but try not to respond to them all at once, as your post will continue to appear at the top of the news feed over and over again if you comment overtime, thus increasing your engagement.
  • Comment on your connections’ posts, ideally the ones that you would benefit from most (ideal clients, contacts, customers etc). Be as helpful and friendly as possible – it works so well with engagement and building relationships.
  • Before you post, engage with 4-5 other posts with comments of at least 4 words, this helps to build on the algorithm for your post.
  • Try to finish with a question in your post to get people’s minds going. Business contacts are more inclined to comment on your posts, particularly if they already follow the above steps, therefore increasing your engagement rate. The more your connections comment, the more likely other connections will engage in conversation.
  • Post to your business page, then share these to your personal profile – your connections/loyal customers may be more prone to sharing from your own profile as they may not yet follow your business page.
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  • Create polls where possible to engage with your target audience. Not only will this help to increase your overall engagement, you may also find some useful insight/feedback as to what your customers/clients want from your business model/industry, which can prove valuable if the right questions are asked.
  • Retweet/Share relevant posts from other businesses, particularly if you are working in collaboration with them. This forms a relationship between yourselves and the other user, which might result in a vice versa action from them, resulting in direction to your page from new customers/users.
  • Create user friendly and engaging content to draw your target audience in. Videos must engage users on TikTok within the first 3 second, otherwise it’s less likely to reach the ‘For You Page’, or a wider audience.

If it is engaging within 3 seconds, the watch times, together with the completion rates (i.e who has watched your video through to the end) are likely to be higher. If many people view your video through until the end, your post is more likely to appear under the ‘For You’ pages and a wider audience. 

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We hope that you’ve found these Social Media Engagement Hacks useful. These are just a few tips to get you started, however, as Social Media is ever-changing, it’s so important to keep on top of new trends, algorithms and more. What may help to build engagement today, may not help in a few weeks/months. If you need any advice or assistance, feel free to contact us, or, visit our Social Marketing page.


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