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Organic Social Media VS Paid Social Media

Social Media Networks

Using social media to promote your business or brand is a key way of connecting with your audiences. It can help to bring traffic to your website and generate valuable leads which can be a game-changer for your business! 

But to do this effectively you will need a well thought out social media strategy. It can be difficult to decide what aspects of your strategy to focus on. There has been an ongoing debate over what is better, a paid social strategy or an organic one. 

If you need help deciding on a strategy for your business’s social media here are our thoughts on organic and paid social media strategies.

The Positives and Negatives of organic social media

Organic social media refers to free content such as posts, videos, stories and photos that all users can share on their feeds.

The Positives

THe negatives


Paid social media is another term for advertising. It is where you pay platforms such as Facebook and Youtube money to have your content shared with new audiences who are likely to be in your business or brand.




Ultimately both strategies have their potential benefits and pitfalls, that is why it is best to use both strategies! By combining both organic and paid social media you will be able to serve your existing customers while also attracting new customers with paid advertising. 

Some important points to remember are:

It is important to remember that not all posts promoting your business need to be paid. Sometimes ads are not the best answer and organic posting can be a benefit to you. If you have some organic posts that have resonated particularly well with your audience, boost those posts. That will help to get your best quality content in front of new potential customers.

When using ads to promote your business, target audiences that are similar to your existing audience. By targeting people who are more likely to respond to your business, you will increase the chance of getting conversions. You should also retarget your organic audience. This is because people often need a small prompt to come back and covert. You can automate this process so that you can focus more of your time on other things.


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