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How to Transfer Ownership of a Facebook Page

Facebook page setup

Facebook pages are a way to interact with your target audience on Facebook. You do this by creating discussions and engaging with page followers. But how do you get started? 


More and more websites, online businesses, local businesses, and Facebook users interact daily through their Facebook pages. We’ll explain the basics of how to get started with a Facebook page, attract and build your following and make money through your Facebook presence.


Reasons to transfer facebook ownership

Facebook pages can be transferred to another person or organization. 


The process is similar to transferring ownership of a personal profile. Transferring ownership of a Facebook page is not complicated as transferring other types of profiles, as it involves simply changing the name on the profile. Before transferring ownership, you’ll need to ensure access to the original owner’s Facebook account.


After transferring ownership, you’ll need to transfer all of the page’s data posts, photos, and videos from your old account to your new one. You’ll also need to transfer all of the page’s followers from your old account to your new one. 


Here are some commonly cited reasons for wanting to transfer Facebook ownership:


> To protect sensitive data from being viewed by others who might not be trustworthy (e.g., ex-spouses) or malicious individuals who could take advantage of the information posted on social media sites such as Facebook;


> To maintain privacy after death;


> To get rid of embarrassing photos posted by others but now deemed inappropriate by the person who owns the account; or


> To hide embarrassing photos taken by others that later became public knowledge due to media exposure


If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, you may wish to consider creating a Facebook page for your brand. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to make your business visible across social media platforms. However, once you have built up a presence on Facebook, there’s one thing you’ll definitely want to keep in mind: how to transfer ownership of a Facebook page.  A Facebook presence is valuable and should not be squandered. It needs to be maintained by someone who understands the value of keeping it up-to-date and following through with the right type of content.


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