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How to find your Facebook business ID

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What is my Facebook ID used for?

When using a Facebook page for business and advertising on Facebook, your ad accounts are provided with unique ID numbers. These numbers assist when you would like to add an account or user to Facebook Business Manager or if you would like to search for/add a specific campaign or Ad. So, if you’re wondering how to find your Facebook business ID, we’ve set out step by step instructions below.

I don’t have access to Facebook Business Manager, what do I need to do?

If you don’t have access to Facebook Business Manager but you do have your own business page, you can access your Facebook page’s ID by following the below steps;
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Step One

It’s relatively quick and easy to find your business page ID via your Facebook Business Page.


This is probably the easiest option if you’re particularly new to Facebook, or don’t use it often.


There are more ways than one to find your Facebook ID depending upon if you use, or have access to Facebook Business Manager.


We’ve explained in just 4 steps below how to find your Facebook Business ID using your Facebook Business Page only.


Further down on this page, we’ve advised how to set up a Facebook Business Manager account if you don’t have one, or how to find your Facebook Page ID using Business Manager if you do have an account set up.


We’ve also provided information on how to add third parties to your account by use of advertising/creation of posts/general management of your business page.

Step Two

It’s particularly important that you do not share your Facebook Business ID with any other person(s), unless you provide them with permission to manage your account on your behalf. In the event that your page ID is exposed, you may lose ALL access to your Facebook Business page if accessed by any other person(s) that you may not trust.


If you don’t have an in house marketing team, it might be worth hiring a trusted marketing agency for Facebook Ad and/or post management.


Your Facebook Business ID will be shown as a 15 digit number and can also be accessed via Facebook Business Manager which is explained further below.


How do I create a Facebook Business Manager page?

If you don’t have access to Facebook Business Manager, you can create an account that associates with your page.

What do I need to do next?

Next, you need to add your Facebook business page(s). You can either add an existing Facebook business page or pages, or, you can create a new one. If you manage Facebook pages for clients or other businesses, you can also request access to someone else’s page.

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I already have access to Facebook Business Manager, how do I find my Facebook ID?

If you have access to Facebook Business Manager, you can find your Facebook ID via the Business Manager page.

(You can access this via the ‘Business Manager’ link in the top left of your dashboard.

How do I assign people to access my Facebook page(s) or Business Manager?

To assign people associated with your Business Manager or Facebook page:

Click on ‘Add Ad Account’, then ‘Add Ad Account’ again. Enter the ad account ID (This is explained further up).

I don’t have an Ads account set up, how do I do this?

If you don’t have an ads account set up, here’s how to do so:

Add people to help you to manage your Facebook page(s)/Ad account.​

This is required if you do not wish for any other person(s) to access your personal Facebook profile.

Why do I need to provide access to certain people?

Generally, when providing access to other person(s) to your page(s), you do this to allow them to make changes to the page(s) or Facebook Ads. This is usually required for an external marketing company, or, if you have an in house marketing team, you can share access to avoid providing your personal Facebook account information.


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