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We provide all of our Social Clients with a detailed Social Media report. at the end of each month.  Ensuring they are up to date with the campaigns and to help us achieve our goals.

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All of our Social Media clients receive a detailed Social Media report each month allowing them to review the progress across their chosen Social profiles.


At Lowaire we offer an in-depth Social report which discusses all the data and metrics from a range of Social networks (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) allowing us to analyse, post-performance, engagement, followers, likes, and general data from the accounts.


By utilising monthly reporting we are enhancing the quality of our work each month, which helps us create specific content based on what has previously worked well. We can research what hashtags are performing well as well as what days and times are getting the best engagement. This all helps ensure that the campaigns are on track with growth and engagement rates.


By providing our clients with accurate monthly reports we are able to show that the improvements we are making are having a positive impact. We are also able to track when a campaign is not going as well as we had hoped so that we can make the appropriate changes in a timely manner.


We use a scheduling platform called Loomly. This allows us to create all the content in one place and also provides us with daily, weekly, monthly and custom date range analytics. There are many reporting features within Loomly which I have discussed below. 


Within Loomly analytics we are able to view and report on a range of metrics such as likes, reach, impressions, engaged people, posts published and video views. It also provides us with demographic data such as likes by age and gender, likes by country and city. Alongside this it also breaks down each of the posts that have been published and allows us to track which style of content is working best across all of the Social Media platforms.


This is really good when it comes to putting together our monthly reports as it allows us to provide valuable data and insights into all of the relevant Social channels. We are able to reflect on the monthly goals set as well as setting new monthly goals for the next reporting period helping us to work closely with the client each month. 

The Benefits of Social Media Reporting 

So, what are the benefits of a Social Media reporting? I have listed a few key benefits below for you to take a look at. 

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At Lowaire, we believe in developing data-driven, transparent marketing services. After all, when your decisions are based on information and not gut feeling, you are guaranteed to come away with far more beneficial results. 


Our team of expert marketers know just how to use their experience to recommend the best channels and services for you. So, when developing a strategy, this is exactly what we’ll do! To find out more about how we can help you develop an effective digital marketing strategy, get in touch with our team via our contact forms or by giving us a call on 01509 357 587.

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