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Top SEO tips to help you rank well in 2017

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We’ve put together these SEO tips in order to provide you with some useful information. To help increase your website in search results for relevant keywords and search terms related to your business, product or services.

Your crawl rates

When you allow search engines to crawl and index huge pages on your site, it consumes the crawl budget that you are allocated for your website. Google cannot infinitely crawl all pages of your site every day, you know.


So by putting in place a noindex/nofollow tag on pages that you don’t really need to appear in search engine results such as your /tags/ section or your checkout page can massively help your rankings. It’s not so hard.

influencer marketing

Influencer marketing exploded back in 2016 and will become even more popular this year. Why up? Because Google crushed shady SEO tactics. For example, Penguin is running in real-time.


The other main reason – it is effective. This is the easiest way to get backlinks, traffic, and exposure naturally without any risk to be penalised by Google.

smart content marketing

As you probably know content marketing is a thing but quite a few use it effectively.


Every piece of content you create should have a purpose.


For example, it could be an article for your target keyword you want to rank or a long tail variation of your main keyword which supports your top content.


Your content MUST be engaging or your visitors will bounce. UX is an extremely important ranking factor. The average time people spend on your content and your bounce rate numbers must be better than your competitors or your rankings will tank.

a few seo tips on how to create engaging content:

– Strive to create 10x content


– Include images and videos


– Use many relevant outbound links (open in a new window)

Content resurrection

Even really good content gets old eventually. That’s why you should revisit your best articles and pages over a period of several months and update them if they are out of date. Google love fresh new website content and they give you a boost when you refresh your content with new information. As a searcher we also tend to skip on content which is old and prefer fresh information.

on-site seo

Are you mobile friendly? Because Google will penalise you if you are not.


Your website speed is a huge SEO factor. Use quality hosting with locally-based data centres and CDN to ensure your website runs smoothly whilst providing an all-around better user experience. It’s also worth checking your website speed with Pingdom and Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

social media

Google has told the SEO community time and time again that social media signals have no impact on search rankings that that social is not a direct ranking signal.


Well, Google has also been proven wrong, time and time again. From my own personal success of utilising social signals to increase rankings, my company’s success with our clientele, my colleague’s success, and other SEO marketers I collaborate with have all seen that Google is completely lying to us all when it comes to social signals impacting search engine rankings.


So, how can you leverage the power of social media to improve your SEO?

produce high quality, relevant content and share

Use tools like Buzzsumo to find authority social accounts in your industry.


Compliment their brand, their content, and ask them to take a peek at your latest content and if they like it, ask them to share it with their audience.


Make sure in their social post they include the naked URL to your content.


Think quality over quantity here. It’s much more powerful to have a share from 5 quality Twitter accounts than it is from 50 low-quality accounts.


This also works well for Facebook and Google+. Leverage the power of social media and watch your rankings soar!

content is king

We have all heard that “content is king” and everyone should know by now that without the right distribution of anchor texts and backlinks your site is not going to rank in a competitive niche.


I agree that your site obviously needs to have content and you need to be generating backlinks through whatever method works best for you but what I think most SEO’s or even individual website owners overlook is the importance of on-page technical SEO, which includes page and site structure.


The more competitive your niche, the more perfect your onsite optimization needs to be. Having a fully optimized site starts off with the foundation your website is built on.


Since we work primarily with WordPress websites going with something like the Genesis Framework and a child theme would be ideal. Using this type of framework ensure your site is fully mobile responsive, optimised for portable devices and is taking advantage of Schema markup.


The leading search engine, Google, has announced that they are moving away from desktop-centred indexing to mobile centred which means they will be giving priority to how your website loads and functions on mobile versus desktop, this is a significant shift in their algorithm.


We hope you’ve found these SEO tips useful and remember to regularly check back for the latest blog posts and SEO news.


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