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Meet Dotty – The New SEO Tracking Bot

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Start Tracking Google’s Algorithm Updates Through Facebook Messenger Today

Created by Big Web Creations and first released for public use on Facebook messenger platform in April 2016. Dotty – The SEO Tracking Bot was created and commissioned for both novice and experienced SEO analysts. In order to provide up to date and accurate SEO algorthm reporting directly through Facebook messenger.

It’s been nearly six months since Facebook announced a platform for building bots, that operate inside its Messenger chat app. The idea, Facebook said, was to connect people more directly to businesses and automate their interactions, for informational or commercial purposes.

Since then, more than 11,000 bots have been created, Messenger chief David Marcus said in a blog post this morning. And 23,000 more developers have signed up to use a tools provided by Wit.ai, a Facebook acquisition that automates conversational interactions between users and businesses. “We’re looking forward to building a future of amazing Messenger experiences powered by the community of developers, businesses and people who use Messenger every day,” Marcus said.

Dotty – The SEO Tracking Bot is the first Facebook messenger bot which tracks Google’s SEO algorithm. Dotty also reports significant algorithm changes to all users allowing website developers, SEO consultants and individual website owners to stay in-line with Google’s ever increasing search engine guidelines.

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