SEO Pricing

We don’t offer set SEO Packages, as each client is different. For more information on our pricing and services, feel free to drop us an email or fill out the quote form on this page for a free, no-obligation quote based on your overall requirements and budget.

The Cost of Organic SEO

A managed SEO plan can range anywhere from around £250/month to over £10,000/month. That’s the short answer. But really, when it comes to SEO pricing, there’s no definitive answer on how much you should be spending. It all depends on the scope, location and expectations of your project.
For example, a client looking to rank competitively for Digital Marketing in the centre of London could spend around £250 /month and not get a look in, whereas a local business in a quiet Leicestershire town looking to rank purely locally could be hitting the top result. As such, flexibility is key when it comes to SEO. Each business will have different requirements – and importantly, different budgets. 

  For clients with a minimal budget to extend to marketing services, it’s often recommended to consider pay per click or paid media, as these services generally have far quicker results – and are more targeted to direct sales. Still, this is not to say that SEO isn’t important. In fact, when treated with the care and respect it deserves, an effective SEO strategy can be the backbone of a business’ marketing mix.

The Three Main Categories of SEO

There are three separate price ranges that we consider as standard for SEO practices. Ranging from the lower-end budget to large budgets in excess of £5000/mo. How much you spend on SEO really depends on what you want to get out of the campaign. Below we've outlined a few more details.

Small Budget SEO (£249 - £1,500 per month)

Generally, this price range is the ‘bread and butter’ of SEO. Low budget certainly doesn’t mean low quality, but it’s important to manage your expectations. For larger businesses that want to rank competitively with industry giants, the time and effort that would be required to do so would certainly not be covered by £250/month, for example.
As such, this would be the perfect category of spend for start-up businesses or SMEs that already have established marketing channels, and are looking to take the first or next step into the world of SEO. As mentioned before, SEO is an investment, not a quick fix, so if you’re looking for more sales by the end of the week and are pumping all of your advertising budget purely into SEO, you’ll have a great, optimised website, but won’t necessarily see the sales you’re after.

SEO in this price range, however, works fantastically alongside an existing marketing mix. If you’re working with paid media channels such as Google AdWords or Facebook Ads, these both have metrics that take into account the ‘quality’ of your website, and adjust your cost-per-click accordingly. Not only, then, can SEO help increase this quality score, but you’ll also be investing in a long-term strategy that’ll boost your sales, traffic and visibility further down the line.

Medium Budget SEO (£1,500 - £5,000 per month)

This price-range is generally where you’ll see most businesses who want to dedicate time and effort into a broad, country-wide SEO campaign, not just locally. A campaign at this budget should expect to see a great mix of content creation, technical on-site SEO and backlink building, targeting a wide range of keywords and hours of investment.
Really, this is the price bracket for businesses with an already established range of marketing channels, and are now looking to build and grow organically. Companies spending with an agency in the higher-end of this bracket should expect something a little extra: dedicated backlinking hours, SEO training and strategy, alongside multiple pages of truly stellar content each month; with all of your bread and butter SEO, of course.

While on the slightly more expensive end for SMEs and start-ups, small businesses who make considerable investments in SEO can really get a huge pay-off further down the line with this price range.

Large Budget SEO (£5,000+ per month)

It’s at this budget where an agency can really dedicate everything to your SEO campaign - and would be expected to! These higher investment packages are generally for Enterprise business (who will often actually spend rise of around £10,000/month on an SEO campaign) who require a dedicated high-end SEO team working solely on their account.
This is not to say that spending a large budget on SEO should only be considered by these top spenders, however, as eCommerce stores are another industry that can rely on an effective SEO campaign. Obviously in this instance, the effectiveness lies in that revenue can almost directly be attributed to the SEO investment. With all the tracking tools available, you can actually compare what traffic and conversions your SEO campaign is bringing in, and relate that to SEO spend and revenue; it’s almost like a super-charged PPC campaign.

Alongside all the higher-end services provided by the Medium Budget range, a budget in excess of £5000/month is where all the tools of the trade and SEO secrets are truly unleashed – as this budget gives agencies the time to do so. Expect bespoke link building, a dedicated content creator, infographic and digital-asset development – and this is far from an exhaustive list.

Our Organic SEO Services Include

  • Ongoing content creation
  • Backlink building
  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • A/B split testing
  • Keyword monitoring
  • Competitor monitoring
  • Ongoing keyword research
  • Page speed optimisation
  • Regular sitemap submissions
  • Citation score building
  • Title & description optimisation
  • Google My Business optimisation
  • Bing places optimisation
  • Conversion tracking
  • Website usability testing
  • Monthly page auditing
  • Spam score protection
  • Monthly progress reporting

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