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Ranking Your Website Well In Google

Years ago it would have been easy to rank for pretty much any keyword within Google with little effort. In fact people would put hundreds of keywords within the background of their website and turn the text white to match the background (‘hey presto’, the site is now number 1 for all of those keywords).

However since Google’s major algorithm updates were released, it is now more difficult than ever to get onto that first page for those valuable search terms. This is because Google’s lifelong goal is relevance, and if you are purposely trying to rank within Google using these types of SEO, you’ll find it really difficult to get anywhere. Google could also penalise your website for doing this.

So, now we know what Google doesn’t want to see on your website, but what do they actually want?  How can you, as a website owner, make Google happy. Well, we’ve provided a few useful tips below to help you start ranking your website well organically within Google and other major search engines.

1. Internal Linking

These not only help your website visitors find new and interesting pages on your website, they also provide a way for Google to look through your website in more depth when crawling and indexing pages.

2. Unique Content

The most important aspect of organic SEO is the content.  Having engaging and unique content will decrease your websites bounce rate, whilst increasing your average page duration. You’ll also find your web pages rank higher within Google for specific keywords related to these pages because remember, Google loves relevant and unique results.

3. Don’t Just Copy That

Copying website content is a huge ‘no-no’ when it comes to organic SEO. As mentioned previously, Google crawl websites and web pages for new content as part of Google’s long life mission to provide relevant results to the searcher. Google will plagiarism check your content with other websites. If they find out you’ve just copied the content, your website will loose ranking and, in more serious cases, your site could become penalised by Google.

4. Don’t Just Link It

Linking to another website can be great for your SEO and can lead to increases in keyword positioning. However, you should also be aware that this could also lead to a bad positioning and even penalisation of your domain name. Linking to another website is very similar to providing a reference. If your site is linked into another site, you are essentially vouching for this domain, even if it’s a bad one. So, when linking into other websites, you should also check the site reputation. You can do this by using domain authority and spam checking tools.

Another option to help stop other websites bringing you down within search results is to add a “no follow” link into the page which will tell Google that you are not vouching for the linked website. It also tells them you are not trying to gain reputation from it (useful when linking into larger high authority websites).

5. Mobile Is Here

Whether you like it or not, you are going to have to adapt fairly quickly. Early this year, Google released another algorithm decreasing the ranks of websites which are not mobile optimised. Ensuring your website is suitable for both iOS & Android users is a must in today’s world. Google now index websites on mobile devices completely separately to those on desktops, therefore in order to rank well within Google on a mobile, your website needs to provide a good experience for the visitor.

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