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Why Are My Ads Being Rejected On Facebook?

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What's Wrong With my ads?

It is not uncommon to see ‘Rejected’ next to your Facebook Ads however we do understand the frustration of not knowing why this is happening. Therefore, we have provided you with an informative blog post about what causes Facebook Ads to be rejected and what to do when they are.


You may wonder why your Facebook Ads are being rejected and whether it has something to do with your account however, a lot of the time it’s just a case of updating your copy or images within your ad and/or changing your target audience selections. Although, sometimes some ads are rejected for a good reason. Facebook has a long list of restricted and prohibited content in its policies, prohibited content is never allowed on Facebook however restricted content is allowed under certain rules, often based on your locale. 


Here are some examples of the main reasons why ads are rejected due to violations with restricted content: 

Here are some examples of the main reasons why ads are rejected due to violations with restricted content: 

submitting a review after facebook ads are rejected

When your Ad is rejected you will receive an email notification from Facebook that will link to Account Quality, which will provide you with the reason for rejection. Once you have reviewed this you can then decide whether you want to edit your ad or create a brand new one to comply with Facebook’s policies or, you can request another review on the ad if you believe that it was incorrectly rejected. 


You need to be aware that Facebook may not always share details about their systems that identify violations, this is because they don’t want people to use that information in order to evade their review systems.

requesting another review of your rejected ad

If you believe that your ad was wrongly rejected by Facebook you can request another review of your ad. In order to do this follow our step-by-step guide which we have outlined below for your convenience:

  1. Go to Account Quality
  2. Click to select your account or catalogue with the rejected ads
  3. Select ads, ad sets or campaigns that you believe were wrongly rejected
  4. Click request review and select Submit

If Facebook decide to change their decision on the status of the ad, your ad will be in the same status as your campaign. You will also be able to track the request and its current status at any time in Account Quality. It is worth noting that if the ad is rejected again it will stay rejected and you will not be able to submit another review request. Unlike the initial ad review, this will be done more heavily on teams of human reviewers to make sure that the automation was correct. 


If you find that your ads are still being rejected and become a recurring issue, we can support you through our Paid Media services which you can receive more information about by contacting our expert Social Media team. To get in contact please email  info@lowaire.com or give us a call on 01509 357 587.


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