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Newsjacking is just one of many strategies used to help businesses stay relevant online. Find out more about the practice, and about how we can help you take your digital presence to the next level.

What Is Newsjacking?

Ever noticed how businesses seem to jump on the bandwagon when a big news story breaks? Well, this is actually a very effective marketing strategy aptly named ‘Newsjacking’.  Newsjacking happens across every online platform. Done effectively, it involves aligning brands with popular news stories and recent events, creating media attention and hopefully sales.


For an effective newsjacking campaign, you’ll need to know what news stories are out there and how you can get involved with them. That is where we can help. Our expert team is always on the lookout for events our clients can engage with.

Staying Relevant Online

As digital landscapes become ever-more fast-paced, it is vital that brands keep up. Newsjacking is an excellent way for businesses to show their potential audience that they have their finger on the pulse. 


The most effective way to stay relevant online is to add your own take to a current story. Perhaps your business can add an expert voice, or maybe you have an angle that others haven’t thought of. 


There have been some great examples of effective newsjacking, and more arise as social media platforms continue to rise in popularity. One of our favourites includes Oreo’s reaction to the Area 51 craze that swept social media back in 2019. Their response? A quick tweet that read: “What flavours do you think they’re hiding in Area 51? DMs Open”


At Lowaire, we pride ourselves on providing effective strategies to help get your business noticed online. Our expert team can help identify those events relevant to your brand before creating content that engages with users interested in that event. 

Tools We Use

When it comes to keeping an eye on the latest news stories online, there are a number of avenues that we use. The first, simply, is word of mouth. Our team is fully immersed in the world of social media, keeping an eye on those events gaining a lot of traction. 


By tracking hashtags and the number of users engaging with them, we are able to understand exactly what topics audiences are interested in. It is a simple, and very effective, way of outlining popular topics on any given day.


Platforms such as Mention help us to use specific keywords to find interesting social posts and topics to discuss before the discussion gets too crowded.


And that’s not all; we use tools such as Google Trends to identify those search terms and questions that users might be asking. This, and platforms like Google News, help us to identify when big news stories are just about to hit the papers.

Multilingual Newsjacking? No Problem!

We understand that some businesses go beyond the borders of the United Kingdom, and, because of that, need a multilingual approach to their marketing efforts. 


Our team are well-versed in translating our marketing efforts to any language you need. So, not only can we identify those events that are blowing up around the globe, we’ll also be able to direct your content to audiences in those countries. 

A Digital Marketing Agency You Can Trust

At Lowaire, we believe in providing bespoke digital marketing services that are designed to resonate with your specific audience. 

Our expert team is always on hand to offer advice, whether you are looking for a social media campaign, a search engine optimisation strategy, or a brand new website.

Do you want to find out more about our newsjacking services? Get in touch with our friendly team today.

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