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We’ll Soon Be Accepting Bitcoin

Bitcoin payments

Bitcoin is an alternative virtual payment solution that was launched in July 2010 as the world’s first decentralised global currency and it’s quickly becoming adopted by mainstream investors and organisations.


As an innovative and forward-thinking business, we understand the value of Bitcoin as a currency, and therefore we will shortly be accepting Bitcoin for all of our website design and digital marketing services, alongside our traditional payment methods which include Direct Debit and Credit Card.


Bitcoin is a decentralised digital currency without ownership or control and is built using open source technology and is community-driven, just like WordPress which is one of our key website development platforms.

What Are Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is a form of virtual currency based on cryptographic code that enables people to transfer digitally and without the fees of premium merchant accounts. 


In essence, it is one of the first global stateless currencies built for the digital age. We’ve provided a video below which explains how Bitcoin works in more detail:

How Do Bitcoins Work?

Bitcoins are essentially encryption keys and lines of code stored in a digital wallet. This wallet can either be kept on your own Bitcoin wallet (cold storage) or a hosted Bitcoin Wallet company such as Blockchain or Bitcoin exchange such as Binance.


These keys are exchanged between wallets in exchange for goods, services, or currency and the market value follows supply and demand of the currency.

Will It Cost The Same?

The cost of our services will not change regardless of the payment method used, therefore if you are paying for your website design or digital marketing services in Bitcoin the price will remain the same. 

Can I Pay Using Other Crypto?

Yes you can, in addition to accepting the cryptocurrency Bitcoin as a payment method, we will also be accepting Ethereum which is an alternative cryptocurrency.

When Will You Start Accepting bitcoin?

As a business, we aim to start accepting both Bitcoin and Ethereum as a payment method at the start of April 2021. If you would like to pay for your website design and digital services using either Bitcoin or Ethereum, feel free join our mailing list below and get notified once we start accepting cryptocurrency.


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