Google Pixel Review After 6 Months

google pixel review

I’ve had the Google pixel for around 6 months now and despite having an iPhone 6s, I continually keep returning to my Google Pixel.

I’m not just saying that because I’m a huge fan of Google products. In fact, the Pixel is still plagued with issues but no more so, than the Pixel XL. Where users are reporting issues with the Bluetooth connectivity, Wifi and the microphone alongside holo glare on images.

Google Pixel

But I’ve always trusted Google and I am confident that if I was to experience issues, Google would fix them or replace the entire handset for me so it’s not worried me. However I’ve luckily not experienced any of these issues reported by other users, maybe I just got lucky this time.


On the upside the Pixel is a robust piece of equipment that will stand the test of time unlike iPhones get increasingly slower as updates are released.


Google’s Pixel is simply a machine built to last with a predictable battery life, which often goes for two days with moderate use until it requires charging again. With it’s smooth slide functions, easily accessible menus and quick responses it’s easy to see why the Pixel is now my go-to smartphone.


And If you are like me and hate having to wait 10 minutes for your iPhone to charge enough just to be able to turn it on, you will be happy to know that the Pixel turns on instantly once plugged into a power source.


As my MacBook Pro and iPhone 6s scream at me continually to purchase more cloud storage. I’ve not had to think about storage with the Pixel, everything is simply uploaded to the cloud where I have unlimited storage for my images and video And unlike Apple, you are actually able to find the images and videos across multiple platforms and devices.


The camera is one of the best I’ve ever seen on a device, with various settings and functions to take the perfect selfie or group photo. The Pixel also allows 4K video recording which is now standard across most smartphones these days. And as mentioned all your media gets instantly uploaded to the cloud, keeping your Pixel just as fast as it was the day you bought it.


Apple’s iPhone screens were impressive in recent years however in comparison to Google’s Pixel, there is no competition at all today. Website images, graphics and colours are all displayed in stunning sRGB colour which means we can view colours in a completely different way than the creators envisioned us to see them.


So all in all, Google’s Pixel smartphone is the device of choice at least for me anyway. It just performs when I need it to and provides everything I need in a smartphone with complete ease.


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