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When it comes to Marketing, we've got the Mix.

Marketing comes in many shapes and sizes, and so do businesses. That’s why it’s important to determine exactly what marketing mix will most benefit your business.
But what exactly is “Marketing?” It seems like an obvious question, but in-fact it has many answers. Marketing can be the process of building your brand for long-term visibility, crafting tailored adverts to directly increase exposure, or the actual branding of your business itself, right down to your company logo.

As such, Marketing comes in many forms, and requires many tailored solutions in order to get it just right. At Lowaire Digital, we believe the most successful campaigns come from a carefully selected, planned and integrated marketing mix that combines each different facet of the customer experience.

Less direct forms of marketing like Social Media and SEO are more focused towards building brand awareness, creating engagement and improving visibility, whilst the more direct services like Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising build on this engagement to drive leads, conversions – and ultimately sales. That’s why a successful marketing campaign will combine aspects of both.
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Our Marketing Services

Build Your Brand

✍️ Website Design & Development

Think of your website like you would your shop window. A good, eye-catching and accessible website is a form of marketing in itself. You should also think of your website as your company’s digital hub. Services like Facebook, Twitter & Google AdWords should all link back to your website, so if it isn’t up to scratch, all of your visibility and brand engagement will be for nought. A meticulously designed website should be square one of any successful marketing plan.

🔎 SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Got the website? Now you just need the reach. SEO is a long-term strategy designed to build and create lasting exposure. As such, it’s an on-going process that requires constant attention to stay up in Google’s ranking system. SEO involves building relevant content pages that are optimised to Google’s rigorous standards, improving the load-times of your website, and many other features relating to quality and performance.

😁 Social Media Management

Looking for brand visibility and engagement? Social Media is a business’ best friend in this regard. It’s an opportunity for your business to show its more “human” side, whilst also offering your potential clients & customers a platform for engagement. It’s the perfect place to market up-coming events, competitions, and even just the daily goings-on of your business.

🖼️ Graphic Design

When people think of a brand, it’s almost always the company logo that first springs to mind. Graphic Design is therefore a vital aspect of marketing that often gets overlooked. Whether you need an eye-catching logo, brochures, new images for social media campaigns and beyond, a reliable Graphic Designer is an invaluable asset to your business.

Secure The Sale

💼 Google Ads Management

If you’re looking for a faster way to create leads, Google AdWords is often the way to go. But it’s certainly not a free pass to success. Not only is it a paid form of media, but getting your ads the visibility they need is not always an easy task. Google AdWords requires a deft hand and meticulous touch to navigate Google’s tough Ad-Ranking requirements – a skill-set that we can happily provide.

📘 Facebook Ads Management

One of the most targeted forms of advertising, Facebook Ads offers a range of options when it comes to targeting potential customers. From audience targeting to social remarketing strategies, Facebook Ads can be an awesome tool for turning existing or potential clients into long-term customers. Our team has a wealth of experience managing Facebook Ads for a range of clients.

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