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Adding Labels and Filters In Gmail

filters and labels gmail

Keeping your email account organised can be a real nightmare and it's easy to forget about important tasks when you need to continually look through pages of emails to find what you are looking for.

Gmail allows users to create labels and filters in order to organise incoming and old emails into labels or folders which they are commonly known as. Setting up Gmail labels is super easy and super quick and is well worth doing to increase productivity and organisation across your business.


We’ve put together a short guide to show you how you can set up Gmail labels yourself.

1. Where are labels

more tab in gmail

Down the left-hand side of the Gmail menu where your inbox is located, you’ll see the “More” tab. Click this option to expand the menu further.

2. creating your label

Create new label

You’ll then see at the very bottom the “Create New Label” option, click this.

3. Add Your label name

Add new label in gmail

You’ll now want to create your label, so within this example, I’m going to use Slack Alerts because I want all the email which Slack send me to go into a single label/folder.

4. Finding Gmail Settings

settings in gmail

Now click the little gear icon and then click “settings” to open up Gmail settings.

5. finding gmail filters

filters and blocked addresses

Next click the “Filter and Blocked Addresses” option.

6. Creating the filter

Create a filter in gmail

Click the “Create a new filter” option.

7. adding the email address

enter email address

Now enter the email address of the person you want to label. For example, I’ve added slack so I’m going to add this email address. Then click “Create filter with this search”.

adding filters in gmail

Finally, select the boxes as shown and select the relevant label which you’ve just created. Then go ahead and click “Create filter” and you are all done!


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