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We don’t just built websites, we also provide high quality website hosting, and that means making sure your site is always secure. From Cloudflare protection to automatic back-ups, we’ve always got your back.

Free SSL Certificate

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is like your website’s electronic passport. It makes sure any connections to your site are secure, and any information (like credit card details, usernames and passwords) are hidden from hackers and identity thieves.
As such, it’s an absolute necessity for any website; whether your site is for selling products, services or has any sort of contact form. With all of our website design packages, we’ll sort this out for you at no extra cost – so you and your clients can keep your peace of mind.
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Cloudflare Protection

The Cloudflare service protects your website from any nefarious activity that may compromise the security and reliability of your site. These include DDoS attacks, malicious bots and many other undesirable intrusions.
Cloudflare powers nearly 10% of all internet requests for more than 2.8 billion people worldwide, with more than 8 million sites under their protection. That’s why we trust and use Cloudflare as standard for all of our website design packages.

Automatic Back-Ups

Keeping your website secure doesn’t just mean protection from hackers and unauthorised users. It also means making sure there’s a plan in place if something goes wrong – and all your data isn’t lost in the event of an emergency.
That’s where our automatic back-up system comes in. Building your website on the WordPress CMS means that you can easily access and safeguard all of your data. Back up certain files, folders, databases, emails and your whole account at the press of a button.
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