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An impressive, memorable logo is arguably square one of creating a brand. It’s often the first point of contact between company and consumer. We come across hundreds of branded images daily – especially in online spaces. But why is it so important?


Because effective Graphic Design can have a huge impact on the success of a business. It can help convey a brand message, invoke emotion and promote connectivity. So It’s not just a pretty face.


Almost all marketing materials require the deft hand of a Graphic Designer. Whether you’re looking for brochures, flyers, signage design or everything in-between, our expert team can provide flexible and affordable Graphic Design support for your business on a one-off and ongoing basis.


Still not convinced? Have a leaf through some of our previous projects.


Design Gallery


JG Locksmiths

A logo should always represent the company’s vision. That’s why our re-branding of JG Locksmiths had to convey a sense of safety, in both the colour choices and visuals. Our team selected bright blues and yellows to bring a sense of calm and positivity, whilst the choice of graphics represent shields surrounding a home.


If your first thought when looking at the logo was something along the lines of “home safety” and professionalism – then we’ve done our job.


As you would probably expect – the design for specialist beauty clinic MILAN had to be all about the aesthetic, representing the business’ core values of expert beauty treatments and services. Lowaire set to work designing a brochure that would showcase their professionalism and eye for detail at a glance.

Sleek designs, striking contrasts and pure, eye-catching wonder.

AST Lettings

New logo, new me. That’s how the saying goes. AST Lettings needed a new brand to accompany their fresh new website. 



Reclaimed antique flooring

Along with a complete redesign of their website, Reclaimed Antique Flooring required a new logo that’s sweet and straight to the point. 


The font chosen gives a feel of class, yet the simplicity of the design presents a feeling of accessibility – allowing consumers to immediately connect with the business, and know exactly what they stand for. Or rather, stand on…



Loughborough Property Services

From carrying out home repairs to gutter cleaning and paintwork, it should perhaps come as no surprise that redesigning a new logo wasn’t something LPS could fit into their busy schedule.


That’s where Lowaire Digital came in, crafting a brand new logo that’s not only eye-catching, but that retains this sense of professionalism that Loughborough Property prides itself on.


The Sian Green foundation

Providing specialist care to amputees across the UK, it was imperative we conveyed the right message in their logo design. It needed to convey care, radiate positivity and celebrate all the great work the charity does.
Bright greens and stylised fonts give it a real personality – We wanted it to feel more of a signature than a logo, to promote this sense of real people behind the scenes

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