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How To Stop & Resolve Your Google Pixel Issues

Mobile phone display showing different apps

Many Pixel owners around the world are reporting issues with the new Google Pixel phone, specifically the Pixel XL. Ranging from audio issues to software issues, the phone has admittedly had a few hiccups along the way since it’s launch.

So what can you do to resolve the issues? well the audio issues which we haven’t personally experienced seem to be more of a hardware issue from what users have reported. Therefore if your Google pixel is experiencing an audio issues, we would recommend you take it back to the retailer.

In regards to the software, at the moment applications developers including Amazon (Alexa App) have not configured their android apps for the pixel XL therefore some apps may not work at all or may require updates which are no longer available as we experienced with Amazon Alexa app.

So the short terms solution is to refrain from downloading too many apps onto the device, especially apps which are not well known. Because these third-party apps may have not been optimised for the pixel phone and therefore they could cause issues with your handset.

If you’ve already transferred your entire iPhone over to your pixel phone and you are experiencing issues, then we would recommend removing all your apps and only adding the essentials for the time being i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Gmail etc.

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