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Turing Scheme Launched To Replace EU’s Erasmus

turing scheme

In a post-Brexit Britain, students are still calling for the opportunity to study overseas. The Turing Scheme is a new programme that aims to help organisations fund international training and education programmes. Working with schools, universities and workplaces across the United Kingdom, this scheme offers the opportunity to help young people gain more extensive insight into the world around them. 

Set to start in September 2021, this programme aims to provide funding to around 35,000 students in schools, colleges and universities. Backed with over £100 million to spend, the Turing Scheme is open to applications from anyone previously eligible for the Erasmus+ programme. Unlike the Erasmus+ programme it aims to replace, the Turing Scheme is not limited to European countries, thus making it an even bigger and better opportunity for students. 

Today’s launch of the Turing Scheme’s website, designed and developed by our in-house team, marks the beginning of this programme. Part of the Government’s response to Brexit, it hopes to further the opportunity of students looking to broaden their horizons.

Visit the Turing Scheme website today for further information in regards to funding opportunities.


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