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How Much Does Social Media Management Cost?

Social Media Management

Should i pay someone to manage my social media?

Social Media is a world of endless possibilities, especially when it comes to marketing your business. Marketing your business can spell the difference between you and your competitors. It is understandable that many businesses, especially those going solo, simply cannot find the time to manage their Social Media and create engaging and share-worthy content to promote their business in the most effective way possible. 


In this blog, we will discuss the pricing of Social Media Management and whether or not you should consider the help of an agency such as Lowaire to manage your Social Media effectively.

Types Of Social Media Management

Organic Social Media refers to social media posts, stories, and videos that appear normally on Social Media and are shared without any additional paid assistance in reaching more users. This technique relies on researching trending topics and using relevant hashtags in order to earn likes and engagement naturally over time while building relationships with your audience. 

Paid Social Media refers to putting an additional sum of money into Social Media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram in order to boost your posts in front of a set target audience based on an interest in your business. Paid post boosting also increases the reach of your posts, so you can expect more profile views and engagement. 

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Pricing Breakdown

There are usually monthly packages of differing sizes, based on the amount of Social Media posts you require. The agency will then create your posts accordingly. 

Sometimes there can be extra charges on top of the monthly package if you require any additional services such as paid post boosting or being able to approve each post before they go out. 

There may also be the option to charge some additional services such as comment management as an hourly rate. Some smaller agencies or those going solo may even charge the entire service at an hourly rate. 

At Lowaire, we use this pricing model for our clients with monthly packages ranging from £99 per month all the way up to £730 per month for some of our larger plans. These plans all include the option to add additional extras on top of these packages as detailed above. 

Who is right for me?

There are many different types of marketing experts you can choose to manage your Social Media: 

Freelancers often charge at an hourly rate and are usually the most inexperienced Digital Marketing option. They can prove to be a useful option for small businesses not looking to commit to monthly fees. 

Small agencies are a great option for small/medium businesses that are looking for more experienced marketing consultants to take the reigns on their Social Media Management. These agencies usually charge using monthly packages and are great for consistent service with great communication. 

Large agencies are the most experienced and reliable option for your Social Media Management. They usually have a lot of staff members which can sometimes mean a lack of a relationship between the agency and the client. If you are a large business looking for a reliable and high-quality service on a big budget, then a larger agency is for you.


At Lowaire we are committed to providing a friendly and professional service to our clients, building relationships, and getting results are at the forefront of our Social Media Management services. If you are a business looking for engaging Social Media posts with high-quality graphics then look no further than Lowaire. We also provide complete Marketing Packages for those businesses looking to kick back and leave their marketing to us.


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