Community Management

We’ve curated a dedicated team of Community Managers to ensure a service that is proactive and efficient across social media, offering first responses, direct messaging and engagement using multiple languages.

Community Management Explained

Our experts at Lowaire Digital provide a service responding to and engaging with a variety of comments on your chosen Social Networks. We provide this service in six different languages for national/multiple accounts.
Keeping your audience engaged with your brand and business online is no small feat. Without a full-time, in-house staff dedicated solely to comment management, dealing with complaints, first response and generally engaging with your online audience, it can often slip under the radar. But that leaves customers feeling ignored, and undervalued.

But that’s why an effective Community Management service can be a fantastic boon to your business. Our expert team can engage with your audience for you, saving you the time (and money) of managing it yourself. Ensuring we are in-keeping with your brand voice and guidelines, whilst providing a bespoke, tailored service to your exact requirements. Just want us to manage complaints? No problem. Want to drive more customer engagement with your social posts? Sure!

What We Offer

We tailor our services to meet your specific requirements. Whether you’re a budding start-up or a large corporation, we can offer a tailored management plan that suits you and your business. Whatever your community management requirements, we’re here to help.
  • Daily Community Management
  • Personalised Strategy
  • Increased Engagement
  • Six Different Languages
  • Rolling Monthly Agreements
  • Dedicated Community Manager
  • Reduce Complaints
  • Advanced Monthly Reporting

Increased Engagement

As well as applying a first response method to public messages, we actively engage with positive comments and/or engagement from customers to build on B2C relationships.

The importance of an engaging, positive relationship with your clients and customers cannot be overstated. Especially when it comes to online spaces. The majority of customers will now immediately turn to social media if they have anything positive (or negative) to say about your business.

And that means it’s the best place to show your clients that you care! The more people see your business responding to customers and engaging with them online, the more positive a view they will hold about your business itself – and the more likely people are to engage with you.

Reduced complaints

We aim to direct any public comments/concerns to direct message as a first response method. This eliminates the number of public complaints on your social networks overtime.
There’s nothing worse when it comes to your social media channels than a backlog of complaints and negative comments tarnishing your brand. It’s likely one of the first things a potential customer will see when they decide to investigate your business. That’s why we offer a dedicated first response service, to help direct customers into private messaging for any complaints. That way, negative comments and complaints can be directed out of the public eye, allowing you to deal with them privately and more easily.
Community Management

Increased Brand Awareness

Social Media is an opportunity for your business to show what it’s all about; building your brand, expanding your reach and engaging customers to really give your business a voice.

Not only is our Community Management service a fantastic opportunity to build on your engagement with your customer-base, but it also helps to expand it. The more people who see you interacting with old and new customers alike, the more your brand will stand out online. It shows potential customers that you care, and encourages others to seek out what you offer.

Advanced Reporting

Reports are compiled as a result of research and analytical data and are vital to the growth of your business by identifying any key areas for improvement and opportunity.

Reporting is a vital aspect of any of our digital marketing services, and Community Management is no different! Our advanced reporting allows you to see exactly how customers are interacting with your business. By comparing and contrasting the types of engagements customers undertake when it comes to your presence online, we can tailor and develop your strategy to ensure your brand voice is always positive.

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