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Woocommerce vs Magento Which is Right For You?

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Woocommerce Vs Magento Which E-Commerce Platform is Best For You?

Woocommerce or Magento, the aged all question any business owner will ask themselves when it’s time for them to start selling online. But which eCommerce platform is right for you? Both platforms are jam packed with features that can help you start selling online but it can be difficult to figure out which platform is best suited to you.

Fortunately, that’s where we come in! There isn’t an ‘all-in-solution’ – it really depends on your needs; including but not limited to:

  • Amount of products to sell
  • Web knowledge
  • Amount of visitors on your website
  • Budget


magento shopping cart iconWoocommerce is a popular platform powering an astounding 43% of online stores. It’s a WordPress plugin and is compatible with almost all themes you can find on the marketplace. If you currently have a WordPress website, Woocommerce may be the best solution for you.

Furthermore, it’s one of the easiest platform to develop for, so if you need a custom plugin create, almost any WordPress developer would be able to assist in creating it. That is of course, if the there isn’t a plugin currently available on a WordPress marketplace that does what you need it to.

Although Woocommerce is simple to use especially if your current website is running on WordPress, it can get quite costly. Not only do you have to pay for your theme but the endless amount of plugins (depending on your needs) can stach up and end up costing a lot more than you initially expected.

In addition to this, woocommerce isn’t scalable. Although, you can add an unlimited amount of products, the more content and plugins you have, the slower your website will be. Fortunately however, you can use a cache plugin to cache your website and help is load quicker.


magento logoMagento is an open-source e-commerce platform created in PHP. Like WordPress, you can install it on your own LAMP server and start building your online store.

However, it’s a considerable amount more challenging to use than Woocommerce. Unlike Woocommerce, Magento is aimed to be used by people that have at least a basic understanding of web development (that said quite loosely). You will most likely need to hire a web developer to do the simplest tasks such as install the system on your server and upload/change the theme.

Like Woocommerce, there’s a large array of plugins that can be downloaded to help customise the functionality of the platform. However, in conjunction with the potential costs of hiring web developers to configure the platform, it will almost certainly end up costing more than a Woocommerce platform.

Magento is made for medium-large scale companies which means scalability is it’s forte. It also has its own inbuilt cache system which means it will pretty much run smoothly all the time. However, debugging can be quite time consuming and fixing any issues will take up even more time.


So which platform is best for you?

If you’re a small to medium sized company or a company that requires a considerable amount of customisation we would suggest using Woocommerce. Not only is it easier to use, but it’ll more than likely end up being the most cost-effective platform to use in the long run. Furthermore, it’s easier to find custom plugins and if there aren’t any available, it’s easier and quicker for a developer to create a plugin for woocommerce.

If you’re a medium to large company that doesn’t require much customisation and have a lot of time to create your website, Magento is the platform for you. It’s a scalable platform that’s feature-rich. It can however, take up a lot of bandwidth on your server or web hosting package.

If you’re still unsure about which platform to use contact us and we can help you decide. 

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