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The next generation of pirates are targeting shipping companies…

shipping containers

…but not in the way you would expect. Gone are the days where pirates need to actually board a vessel to steal or demand a ransom. They are now turning to hacking shipping companies computer systems in order to install malicious software.


When security company CyberKeel analyzed a medium-sized shipping companies emails, they made a shocking discovery. They found that a small piece of malicious software was intercepting email invoices and by simply changing the payment details on the invoice, successfully stole millions of dollars before the attack was detected. The sheer simplicity of this attack shows how important cyber-security has become across all industries, not just the IT sector.


Penetration testing has become a necessity for almost all businesses, as the number of ways hackers can attack a company is ever increasing. The UK government offer some tips on how you can help improve the online security of you business and protect it from cyber threats.


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