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HouseParty, The Video Chat App We Have Fallen In Love With

happily talking on the phone

Launched in 2016 The HouseParty app provides its users with the ability to carry out high quality video calls between friends, family and co-workers completely free of charge and straight from your smartphone. And after using this app for a few weeks, we’ve fallen in love. Beside the simplicity of the app, the quality of video calling is ridiculously good when in comparison to FaceTime, Skype and other video messaging platforms and mobile apps.

When going online, HouseParty informs your friends that you are in your room and ready to chat and you can also (slap) your friends to prompt them to join your chat. Not only that, but the app allows you to chat with up to 9 participants at once and you’d be surprised how naturally you can speak . Which makes this possibly the best & free mobile app at the moment for video conferencing and catching up with your friends.

The HouseParty app is available to download on both Android & iOS.


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