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5 Ways Google PPC Can Help Your Business

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1. Highly Targeted Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) is one of the quickest ways to boost traffic to your website, blog or products. With targeted clicks that reach the right audience at the right time – exactly when they are searching for your product or service using relevant keywords related to your business, service or product.

2. Increase your conversions and overall sales

PPC targets potential customers at a critical point – “when they are actively seeking your products” using search engines i.e. Google, Yahoo and Bing. An effectively run PPC campaign, will ensure you get quality leads and ultimately more business and revenue. LowAire digital offer a Conversion Optimisation service that further helps to increase you online sales or leads for your business.

3. Measurable Results

PPC allows you to control your advertising spend, targeting only the set of potential customers you want to target. A PPC account works best when combined with Analytics data and Conversion Tracking Stats. With the statistics in place we can effectively manage your account to give you the best return on your investment and provide you with regular ROI reports.

4. Reach the Whole world or people only in your Country or City

PPC allows you to select very specific geographic target locations, so your advertising spend will be used only where you want to be seen. So whether you’re a Global brand or a local business PPC is a great solution for you to get your products to the top of search engines i.e. Google, Yahoo and Bing.

5. React quickly to business needs

PPC allows you to quickly introduce new products and services to market. Our Google analytics and AdWords certified experts can build campaigns to launch your new product in a matter of hours, often with immediate results. Many of our campaigns have delivered leads and sales within an hour of going live which is more than you can say about posting leaflets to customers who may never be interested in your service or products.


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