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Why Is Social Media Marketing Important?

social media marketing

Social Media marketing requires both strategy and creativity. You may think it overwhelming, but it can’t be denied that it isn’t a crucial marketing technique. With more than 4 billion users online across the globe, that’s the equivalent to 58% of the population! Surely you have to be wondering what your business is missing out on?


Social Marketing

An extraordinary 69% of marketers use social media to gain brand awareness! However, social media marketing can help your business to improve your website’s traffic, to build your audience, to promote your content, increase your communities engagement, the list goes on! 


What is great about social is it works around you, your business, your colleagues, your clients, your audience and puts you together in one place. You can have incredible insights about your brand and how it comes across to your preferred audience. It allows you to create relationships with your customers as well as build a bigger one!


One of the most important factors to your social media marketing success is the content. It’s crucial to have content that is authentic and your own, this will help you to stand out from the crowd. Get personal. Show behind the scene footage. Introduce your staff. Involve your audience. Once you start to include content that’s engaging and trustworthy you’re onto a winner.  


However, this is 2021! Images are so 2020, that’s right! Images currently engage 68% of people, but we expect to see video content slowly to take over this year. With video content at an all time high of 50%, the only way is up. We already know that 90% of users worldwide watch online videos, so it’s no surprise that we are beginning to see an increase for video content on social media.



Social media also allows us to find our target demographics, users add so many life achievements to their profiles especially on Facebook, from graduations to marriages, you can target your audience through refined demographics to get your messages across to the right audience at the right time!


There are many advantages to knowing the demographics you want to target in business as it can dramatically generate more leads and sales.

how to choose

Which social channel is right for you? With a wide variety to choose from it won’t be hard to find out. Once you distinguish what content your will be posting for your business everything will fall into place. 


Should you wish to post blog posts, as well as sharing links and curating content? We suggest that you look towards Twitter and Facebook. However if you’re a B2B business LinkedIn would be a beneficial channel for you.


Alternatively, you may want to share the latest company news, such as a webinar which has just taken place or a new product which is set to launch. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Stories would be the best channels to push the news based content out to the right people. If you are wanting to focus on video content, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram all offer quality features for them. You can even live stream!


These are just a few examples as to how you can choose your social channels. But, it’s best practice to combine channels, reach a larger audience and publish different content from time to time. Mixing things up can help attract new engagements and build your followings.

Statistics for the average users online each month:

Current Climate

With Covid-19 present, it’s no wonder that many businesses are moving online. Being online is a secure, reliable move and for a start you are guaranteed to reach a much larger audience. As well as this more users are signing up to social media due to the pandemic to keep up with friends and family, it’s a great opportunity to stay connected. When it comes to future predictions I’m sure we can all come to the same conclusion, social media will continue to be one of the most popular online activities. 

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