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The Biggest Brands of 2022

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The Biggest Brands Of 2022

The biggest brands of 2022 have used marketing methods to bring more brand awareness. With the right marketing you can build up a community of followers and customers who regularly think about your brand and what it represents. Brands use various tools and marketing methods that work best for their business and overall goals. With experts in Digital Marketing the sky is the limit when it comes to growing your brand. The most popular brands to date include Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft. These brands are well known globally and have done well to grow into what they are today.

It’s a well-known fact that among all the brands we know and love, Apple always stands out for its differentiation and control. With the flagship A15 and M1 processing units becoming a part of nearly everyone’s daily life, it’s fair to say that Apple is an excellent example of innovation combined with great marketing. 

Despite the seemingly ever-growing brand that is Apple, Amazon remains at the top spot on the leaderboard for this year. Amazon is very well known globally for its convenience and customer experience and provides people with everything they need in one place. Following this, Amazon provides clarity of company goals, growth opportunities and flexibility for its employees. Its brand identity extends across the globe and offers a variety of products and memberships to keep customers loyal. With Amazon prime, Echo devices and Kindles within everyone’s reach, it can be easy to see how Amazon has become so successful with its marketing. 

How do they become the biggest brands?

Through various marketing techniques your brand can endlessly grow into whatever you desire. If you are looking to become one of the biggest brands of 2022, then marketing is the right place to start. Building you brand identity is essential to growing your business and getting your name out there. Brand identity is made up of what your brand says, and what your core values are. To build your brand identity marketing is key to how to make your brand one of the biggest.  A great example of marketing is the Christmas Coca Cola advertisements. With the iconic pops of red and white, featuring Santa Clause, it has managed to grab the attention of millions and is now one of the biggest brands of today. 


Additionally, we can see more great examples of marketing with Apples products. Whether you are watching Youtube or scrolling through your Facebook feed, you often will see the unique and sleek looking Apple adverts. With great advertising through social media and Google’s video ads, we have seen Apple become another one of the biggest brands of today. 


Just like these well-known brands, you too can grow your brand through the endless capabilities of marketing.  

Which Marketing Techniques can help you grow your business?

There is no one single marketing method that will help you achieve all of your goals, which is why we always recommend using a combination of different marketing techniques and solutions. Similarly to Coca Cola and Apple, Amazon uses multiple marketing solutions to get there brand out there. With a combination of Display Ads, Social Media Marketing and SEO Optimisation, Amazon are seen as one of the biggest brands of 2022 and have succeeded in reaching their business goals. 


Any business striving for success will understand that marketing can be somewhat daunting at times, however with the right agency working by your side, you can find that marketing provides your business with more successful, thought-out plans and strategies to help your business grow. 


Social Media Marketing can be a great way to help you grow brand awareness and create a community where people can find out more information about your business. Pairing this with Google Ads can help you to grow your audience and put your website in front of the people who care about your products and services most. Finally, with the addition of a great website design, you can help generate more conversions and give your brand the representation it deserves. 


With Google Ads, you can target more qualified leads and help increase the number of times your website is shown on Google searches related to your business. With this in mind, Organic SEO is often an overlooked marketing strategy that can be highly beneficial to growing your brand. Organic SEO optimisation is a  fantastic way to increase the position that your website is shown in Google’s organic search results. It can set you up for a future of increased organic conversions and more website visits than ever before. 

how can we help you?

With nearly a decade of experience in the digital marketing sector, our business offers a variety of marketing services and strategies to help businesses of all sizes to grow their brand. If it’s brand awareness you’re looking for, then why not choose us to carry out your Social Media Marketing Management? We use high end tools and software to help create the perfect social posts to reflect your brand and raise awareness on your preferred social networks. 

With the perfect combination of Google Ads Management and Organic SEO, we can help your business to grow through both PPC and Organic search results. If you are looking for results that are lasting and help improve your business and brand awareness then we can help you achieve this.


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