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Tesco vs Aldi

competitor marketing


As you may know, TikTok has become a very popular social media platform and a powerful tool in the digital marketing world for brands and businesses. Brands tend to use TikTok to create more brand awareness in a less formal way, as opposed to the typical advertising you may see on television or other social platforms.


It helps brands connect with their customers whilst they are online to promote their business when users may not necessarily be searching for them. It has also become a new way brands can promote their business through competitor marketing.

Tescos tiktok

Tesco recently created a TikTok asking people to duet their video and audition to become the new voice of Tesco checkouts. This TikTok has currently received 24.3 million views as well as 300.7k likes and 2787 duets from TikTok users. Although the majority of duets have been from generic TikTok users, the video has also seen some attention from some of Tesco’s biggest competitors, one of them being Aldi.


Aldi recently dueted Tescos TikTok to represent rivalry and competition. Aldi is well known for offering super-low prices on big brands as well as brand-name knockoffs. Aldis TikTok received 1.8 million views with 247.3k likes from users. As you will see throughout their TikTok, Aldi takes a light-hearted and humoured approach to their video for it to be more engaging and funny for users watching.

competitor marketing

During the video, you will notice one of Tesco’s questions being “How would you say, Clubcard accepted?”. ‘Clubcard’ is Tesco’s loyalty card where you can enjoy exclusive deals, use vouchers, collect points and enjoy rewards. Asking this question helped Tesco to reinforce their Clubcard offer to their customers and encourage users to use theirs. Aldi’s response to this question was “Don’t need a Clubcard when your prices are already low”.


Aldi has used this response as a tactic to emphasise the fact that they offer the same products at a much lower price than Tesco. This has helped Aldi to promote their cheaper alternatives to help many people and families, especially during this unpredictable time of daily living costs being increased.


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