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Intercom: More Than Just A Messenger


so, what exactly is intercom messenger?


Actually, that’s not the case! Intercom offers a fantastic deal for Start-Ups and early stage businesses. It comes in at $49/month (around £37) for all of the Pro features.

Trial Intercom today or contact our team to find out how we can help implement intercom messenger within your overall digital marketing strategy.


Without just sounding like a shameless sales pitch, we’re all about tailoring experiences for customers. It’s what we do – when we design a website, you can’t just whack down a template and say one size fits all. And that’s exactly the same with Intercom; a multitude of apps and customisable settings means that it’s so much more than just a Business Messenger app.


Aside from the core messaging features, Intercom also offers a range of add-ons to help you analyse and evaluate users on your website. That way, you can see exactly how customers interact with your site, and intercom itself. As such, it allows for precise optimisation of the customer journey through your site, helping to boost conversion rate. It’s also exceedingly Developer friendly, with a range of options for integration within your website. Whether it’s custom coded, built via. WordPress, or anything in-between (which certainly gives it a gold star in our book).


At the bottom line, of course, instant messaging between customers and businesses is also one of the best ways to increase consumer satisfaction. It offers a face-to-face (or screen-to-screen) conversation that breaks down the barrier between being seen as a faceless corporation and being seen as real, living people.


You may be thinking ‘this all sounds marvellous’, but as a business owner, you might be worried that you’ll be dropping yet more of a workload on your staff – how will they add constantly watching live-chat to their already busy schedules? That’s where Intercom comes in again; the app offers a ChatBot service that’s not only completely customisable (code-free) but works 24/7 – without the need for a vacation! You can set personal welcome messages, choose exactly how it responds and even set the bot to initiate conversations with potential leads – whilst still maintaining your brand’s tone of voice, and giving that friendly, communicative feel.


Automating workflows behind the scenes, generating leads all whilst gathering data about potential clients. Sounds pretty good right?


Everyone knows clients are the most important part of almost any business – so making sure you provide them with a quality, friendly service is of the utmost importance.


Take a moment to step into their shoes, or even recall some transactions you may have had with partners: Tired of being on hold waiting to talk to someone who knows what’s going on? Tired of week-long waits to get an email response? With Intercom, there are no lengthy wait-times to get a response, and simple questions you may not want to spend an hour on the phone over can be answered in minutes. 


Not only that, but it offers businesses a chance to show that they care about their clients – and that certainly goes a long way. It removes formality, creates quick and easy interaction and most importantly – helps build trust. It transforms the dullness of contact forms and “contact us” links into what feels like a face-to-face interaction with someone who actually cares.


Imagine getting in contact with a customer as quickly – and as personally – as you would a friend on Facebook Messenger. That’s Intercom; the completely customisable Business Messenger App.


Almost any website you visit these days has a little pop-up in the corner asking if you need any help, offering an instant response to any and all of your potential queries. That’s because – in today’s social media age of instant gratification – instant messaging services have become the preferred method of communication in almost every aspect of consumer’s lives; so it’s no wonder the change is happening to business too.


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