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Google Ads – What’s Changing?

Google Ads management

As of June 2022 display campaigns will be changing within Google Ads. Last year Google optimised for targeting in their smart display campaigns which provided simple and intelligent solutions for managing the intricate variables of display advertising and making the management of your campaign effortless. 

what is a display campaign?

A Display campaign is a method of advertising across the Google display network. This display network includes a number of websites such as Google Finance, Gmail, Blogger and Youtube. Your ads will appear on these various websites as well as mobile sites and apps. If you are looking to bring brand awareness to your business then a display campaign will be an effective solution to open up opportunities to connect with your audience and grow your brand. 

When it comes to display campaigns, they are most effective in targeting people who are actively looking for products or services. You can create extensions to include your business’s phone number, address or additional links which will prompt your audience to take action. With display campaigns, you can have the opportunity to place your ads on a variety of different websites across the internet. You can expect to reach people at all stages of the buying process, from those who are simply expressing an interest in a product or service to those who are about to make a purchase. 

Automation in Google ads

In terms of creating your display campaign, there are 3 optimisation technologies that are there to help you save time and effort. Automated bidding uses target CPA as a basis and will optimise your bids for each ad you create. By optimising and allocating your bids, you can expect to save a large amount of time. Google Ads automated bidding will give you the best possible value in accordance with the likelihood of conversions in each ad auction.

Automated targeting will allow you to show your ads where they’ll get the most business. With this automated solution, google will use dynamic prospecting to match your ads to the most qualified leads who are highly likely to convert. 

Automated ad creation is where ads are automatically created for you on the basis of the building blocks you provide. These building blocks include headlines, descriptions, logos and images that you include within your assets for Google to then automatically generate your ads depending on what people are searching for. These types of ads will almost always fit into ad spaces across the display network. 


the benefits of a display campaign

Display campaigns are a great solution for advertisers who are looking to have a wider reach and attract even more customers in addition to any manually targeted campaigns you are running. As well as this you can use conversion tracking to see which users are taking actions that are most valuable to your business. From this tracking, you can then evaluate and create new ideas that will help you to maintain and generate more leads and conversions across your campaigns. With the ability to reach people at any stage of the

buying process, with a display campaign you can reach people who are at the start of their journey. If you are looking for a high performing and effective campaign then this one would be perfect for you and your business. 


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what changes are being made to google ads?

As of June 2022, Google will be making it even easier to create and manage your display campaigns. These campaign types will utilise Google’s new and advanced machine learning technology to optimise for targeting. With the new upcoming changes, your currently active smart display campaigns will be migrated to the standard display campaigns. These changes will not affect the settings or cause any fluctuations that will affect campaign performance. Furthermore, with the new changes coming in June, you will have the ability to either automate or manually control bidding, creatives and targeting. 

full control over your campaigns

You will have full control and transparency over your campaigns and where you want your ads to show. In the setup process, you can choose which parts of your campaign are automated and which parts you would like to manually control. What’s more is that you can change these choices at any time throughout the management of your campaign, without having to create an entirely new campaign. This gives you much more flexibility and control, allowing you to meet your ever-changing business landscapes and meet your goals with ease.

In addition to this, you can expect to see optimised targeting, which will help you to find even more relevant audience segments which drive conversions, clicks and impressions. With this option, you have the choice to either use it alone or implement your own audience signals to influence the targeting. Using this option will allow you to catch any customers you might have missed, giving you the best opportunity to improve your campaign.

additional benefits

Other benefits of the new changes include the ability to use pay for conversions. This means that you can now get billed for conversions that you receive at your target CPA rather than clicks alone. Google Ads display campaigns are now providing support for data-driven attribution. Support for this means that you can get credit for conversions based on the way people engage with your ads and convert from them. This intelligent feature uses data from your account to determine which keywords, ads and campaigns have the greatest impact on your business’s goals. 

Overall, the new changes coming to Google Ads display campaigns will provide a great deal of benefits and include smart features that will enhance your campaign’s performance and help you to reach your business goals. 


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