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Christmas Work Party Ideas 2020

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christmas work party ideas 2020

Christmas gone crackers.

Amongst the unusual times ahead, we wonder to ourselves, what will the Christmas party be like this year?


It’s usually the time of year when friends, family, and colleagues unite together for celebration, to be merry, and of course plan the office Christmas party! There are many festive questions that have been left unanswered this season. So you may be wondering what can we actually do for Christmas 2020? Fret not, as we have rounded up some pandemic-friendly ideas that could just save your jolly season.

Zoom Christmas Party

Zoom christmas Party

With the ever-growing love for zoom, we suggest that if your office is working from home a zoom party could be the perfect option for you. This allows you to bring in the festive spirit with co-workers with no number limit!


Zoom is a brilliant asset to any business. You can utilise it in any way you want, whether it be for personal or work use. In this instance it’s a perfect way to get your work family together to celebrate all the hard work you’ve done all year. You could have a Zoom Karaoke Jingles night with your co-workers – the best part is you can mute the volume, smile, and mime along and no-one will ever know! 


Alternatively, if partying with your colleagues isn’t your scene, why not just have a virtual civilised glass of wine along with your cheese boards? You can have a well-deserved catch-up whilst opening the secret Santa’s that have been delivered to your door in your pj’s – sounds good to me.

Masquerade Party

You could hold a virtual themed party, where you offer prizes for the best dressed, best headwear, best make-up, uplifting spirits, and forgetting reality for a while. This is a great idea as people have been working from home for so long they probably don’t know how to dress up anymore – nor want to. Fancy dress parties are big hits, fun, and creative – the preparation is just as fun as the party itself!


Or, if that doesn’t float your boat you could have a virtual games night with your workmates. Simply line up your selection of online games that everyone can easily take part in. Some of the top games are Christmas Bingo, Charades, and Movie Trivia to name a few. Games and quizzes are brilliant for team entertainment especially when the drink is added to the mix – shots for every wrong answer anyone?

Office Christmas Party
Home christmas party

more virtual inspiration

Everyone has a phone if not a laptop, therefore, you won’t have to worry about anyone being left out this year. You can do things over zoom and the internet such as online escape rooms or a virtual movie night together. 


If you haven’t used Zoom already it offers you full-featured basic plans for free with unlimited meetings too! Why not start using the online platform so many have been taking advantage of to see the faces of your friends and not be at risk!

It’s the thought that counts

Whatever you decide, your colleagues will appreciate any effort you take to make 2020’s work Christmas party one to look forward to. Even if it is through a zoom call because after all, it’s not the location that matters – it’s the company. But, let’s not forget the pros of a virtual do – you won’t have to pay any of those additional costs for babysitters, taxis, or hotels.


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