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Virtual Nurse – top 5 most enabled Healthcare skills on Alexa

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Having the knowledge of CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) does have the potential to save somebody's life in an emergency.

However, many people are unaware or simply forget how to provide CPR, when it’s needed most. Our Virtual Nurse Healthcare skill was developed by Adam Coley in January 2017, shortly after the release of Amazon’s AI device, Amazon Echo. Was developed originally to provide users with easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions through Amazon’s Echo device on how to provide emergency CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation).


Our team at Lowaire have worked hard in order to significantly improve Virtual Nurse and the overall user experience for months. With over 600 new features in relation to healthcare, Virtual Nurse can provide detailed information for first aid, medications, and illnesses both on Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled devices. We have also integrated new symptom checkers for things like Hay Fever, Pregnancy Issues and the Flu. This allows users to check symptoms at home by answering a series of questions via Alexa or Google Assistant. In turn, Virtual Nurse will direct the user to the appropriate services or information if the condition can be treated at home. In addition to this, Virtual Nurse can provide you with the emergency number for any given country, on the fly. As it stands today, we have around 600 features integrated within our Virtual Nurse application and our team are adding new healthcare-related information daily, in order to keep up with our user’s ever-increasing healthcare queries and questions.


Without giving too much away, we are currently working on taking our AI healthcare application to a whole new level with more tailored and personalised Healthcare advice and information for our users. As well as this, we plan to integrate further features into our app over the next few months which will allow Virtual Nurse to understand your pre-existing illnesses and medications alongside a host of other useful and possibly life-saving features.


As part of Amazon’s incentive for developers to build engaging and interactive applications for Amazon Echo. They are currently rewarding money to the top-performing applications, provided that the application falls into either Healthcare & Fitness, Education & Reference, Food & Drink, Games, Trivia & Accessories, Lifestyle, Music & Audio or Productivity.


Currently, Virtual Nurse is the 3rd most used healthcare & fitness skill on Alexa UK. And therefore we have been awarded each month due to it being one of the most used applications under the Healthcare & Fitness category and the 4th most enabled skill under Lifestyle.

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