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Our latest Amazon skill which provides accurate Google algorithm changes

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Amazon SEO AppThe Amazon Echo skill / app designed to help you keep track of Google’s ever changing search engine algorithm. Our website design & mobile app development team at Lowaire Digital have been working hard to develop, test and launch another useful app for Amazon’s echo device. Keeping track of Google’s algorithm changes can be difficult with so many sources on the internet, it’s sometimes difficult what to believe.

In addition to this, Marketing Experts, SEO Experts and Digital Marketers don’t have the time to crawl the internet for this information. So we decided to build the first ever search engine optimisation (SEO) reporting skill / app. SEO Adam can provide accurate and up to date SEO algorithm changes directly to your office, workplace or home through voice commands. Allowing you and your website to stay one step ahead of the game when it comes to ranking higher within Google. All the information is sourced from reputable SEO reporting websites i.e. Search Engine Land and Moz.

You can say things like Alexa, ask SEO Adam for SEO News and the skill will provide you with a read out of the latest SEO changes. Our new amazon skill can be downloaded through the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone simply by searching “SEO ADAM”.

Download SEO Adam by clicking here.
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