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Amazon Advertising

If you’re considering Amazon Advertising for your business our experienced paid media team at Lowaire can help plan, create and execute Amazon paid media campaigns to showcase your products across Amazon’s marketing network.

Why Use Amazon Advertising?

When it comes to marketing your business online, it’s vital to share your message where the highest number of potential customers might find it. And that is where Amazon Advertising could become your new best friend.

At last count, Amazon boasted more than 197 million monthly visitors.  Not only that, but the same study found that more than half of sales on the platform come from third-party sellers. 

All of this means exactly one thing: Amazon is the place to be for businesses looking to market their products to in-market audiences who are ready to buy. 

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Amazon advertising is a form of PPC, or pay-per-click, advertising. PPC is, at its core, a way to target specific audiences with adverts that are relevant to them. This way,  businesses are able to make sure the right people see their message at the right time. 


Enabling organisations to promote specific products or their business as a whole, amazing advertising is a relatively new version of PPC marketing. It aims to harness the breadth of the audience actively using Amazon, offering a unique opportunity for businesses to tackle an ever-expanding potential customer base.

The Types Of Amazon Advertising

If you’ve decided pay-per-click advertising is right for your brand, the next course of action should be to identify the right PPC channel for you. One great way of doing this is to understand exactly which type of advertising each platform might offer you. 

Amazon advertising uses plenty of main advertising outlined. However, two are most common: Sponsored Product Ads, and Sponsored Brand Ads. Each offer something a little different, and each are perfect for a different kind of business.


The team at Lowaire, comprised of experienced digital marketers, social media experts, and content writers, always has one thing in mind: offer a transparent, trustworthy service. To do this, we make sure our campaigns are data-driven. And that’s not all; we also dedicate an account manager to each campaign we run.


Because of this, you can be sure in the knowledge that any question you might have about your campaign will be answered quickly, and any issue resolved with haste. Get in touch with a member of our team today to find out how we can help generate relevant, conversion-ready leads for you.

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