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AI Development

Built on machine based learning, we develop AI based voice based apps across Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant which can help drive engagement, brand awareness and overall revenue for your organisation.

Alexa & Google Assistant

A voice app or skill is an application which can be enabled onto a smart speakers which is operated purely via voice
This is made possible by modern technology based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Voice apps are able to capture human speech at a very high quality level and respond accordingly. Previous to the release of devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, it has never been possible to achieve a speech recognition accuracy of 95% – today’s voice apps even show a steadily increasing tendency.

Voice apps can be equipped with applications like Alexa Skills or Google Actions – similar to apps on a smartphone. With the appropriate capabilities, Voice apps can be used to control our technical environment, retrieve specific information or access specific services.
Amazon Alexa

Virtual Nurse

One of the most enabled Healthcare applications on both Amazon & Google Assistant.

Users enjoy visiting sites that are aesthetically appealing and easy to navigate. Let our experienced team help your site make an outstanding first impression with your potential customers. Through building a website experience which has speed and accessibility in mind. But if you’re not looking for a new website and require support with your current site, that’s no problem. We also offer website development hours, which can be used to fix issues with your site and for any general improvements to your website.

Google Home
virtual nurse chat example
Google Assistant

Flexible Website Development

If you’re not looking for a new website and you’re just wanting to make improvements to an existing website, our Leicestershire based team can still help.

Through our flexible one-off website development support, which can be purchased hourly, individually or in blocks for a discount. These development hours never expire and can be used during our normal operating hours, to support your website development requirements. We also track our work and hours used through our client billing area, so you can you can see exactly what we are doing and what tasks your hours have been allocated to. For more information about the packages available, please take a look at our website development page.

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